Desk Copies

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Requesting a desk copy is simple:

Search for the book you need.

On every book product page, in the right column click the Request Desk Copy and complete the form.

Please note that all desk copies are in electronic format. Print desk copies can be available once we have confirmation of an order from your school bookstore.

Please also note that we limit desk copies to 8 per calendar year per educator.

While considering titles for adoption, check out books by Austin, Lankford, Russell, and Jordan for the Ask the Author feature, where you can be put in touch in with the book's author to discuss how best to use the book and its resources.

Instructor Guides and Other Resources

All ancillary materials for a book are located under the Resources tab on the product page for that book.

Your Educator Account also allows you access to a complete list of ancillary resources.

Have a Question or Need More Information?

Contact us here. Sagamore-Venture is committed to helping you meet your textbook needs.