Finding Leisure in China

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-93947-608-1

Author(s): Geoffrey Godbey, Song Rui

Copyright year: 2015

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Finding Leisure in China examines the emergence of leisure and leisure services in China from the perspective of both an American scholar and a Chinese scholar, each of whom is familiar with a range of issues concerning leisure and tourism in China. Subjects include the rise of "leisure" as a new concept, government provision for leisure and tourism, crowding and carrying capacity, urbanization and leisure provision, using streets for leisure, constraints to leisure, and historic changes in China that are making leisure possible. Each chapter is presented by Godbey and then critiqued and put in context by Song. (A Chinese language version of this book has been published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press.)

The authors have taught at the higher education level. Moreover, they have consulted widely for major corporations in the hotel, tourism, and park and recreation fields.

Chapter 1: 

There is More to Life Than Work and Family

Unveiling, Embracing, and Enjoying Leisure


Chapter 2: 

We Must Not Pretend We Know Each Other

We Must Try to Understand Each Other with Respect though We Don’t Know Each Other


Chapter 3: 

What “Leisure” Means in the West—Is It Right for China?

What Does “Leisure” Mean for Today’s Chinese?


Chapter 4:

The Progression of Leisure—Prospects for China?

Progression of Leisure—Cultural, Historical, Academic, and Personal Perspectives 


Chapter 5:

Improving Leisure in Everyday Life

Improving Leisure for Everyone in Everyday Life


Chapter 6:

What is a Leisure City?

Leisure City and Leisure Function of City


Chapter 7:

Giving People What They Want—and What They Can Learn to Want

Leisure Empowerment


Chapter 8:

Carrying Capacity—Dealing with a Dense Population

Carrying Capacity—Beyond the Numbers


Chapter 9:

Taking Back the Streets

Taking Back the Streets—Is It Possible?


Chapter 10:

Reforming the Environment—Our Last Chance

Reforming the Environment—for Us and by Us


Chapter 11:

Imagining the Future

Building the Future

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