Including Youth With Disabilities in Outdoor Programs

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-500-2

Author(s): Steve A. Brannan, Ann Fullerton, Gary M. Robb, Michael Bender

Copyright year: 2003

Including Youth With Disabilities in Outdoor Programs provides information for understanding, planning, implementing, and evaluating outdoor programs that include youth with and without disabilities. Largely based on landmark research by the authors whose nationwide study confirmed the benefits (e.g., skills, self-reliance, socialization) of outdoor programs for youth with and without disabilities, this cutting-edge book is outcome-based and uses research to support the inclusionary concepts, practices, and resources proposed by the authors.

This book gives comprehensive coverage to best practices necessary for achieving successful inclusion in outdoor programs in areas such as philosophy, marketing, instructional accommodations, staff training, facilities, and evaluation.

Outdoor Program Evaluation Battery CD-ROM provides a comprehensive set of outcome-based assessments and data forms for conducting individual, group, and program evaluation for inclusive, organized outdoor programs. This battery is a practical resource designed for use with counselors, staff, parents, and others in evaluating the growth youth achieve through participation in outdoor programs.

The authors have experience in higher education. They have also conducted training and research activities related to outdoor/environmental education, camping, and leisure education for persons with disabilities, as well as trained community recreation providers in inclusive strategies. They have served with professional organizations such as Bradford Woods and the National Recreation and Park Association.

This practical guide and resource and will appeal to educators, practitioners, students, and others interested in the potential of inclusionary outdoor programs for all youth.

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