Leisure 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-645-0

Author(s): John R. Kelly

Copyright year: 2012

Edition: 4th

pages: 523

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The fourth edition of Leisure introduces the study of leisure, integrates history, current data and trends, a variety of conceptual approaches, and critical perspectives. Some topics include gender, leisure diversity, globalization, history and contemporary issues, and multimedia and pop culture.

This book discusses leisure as a central element in being human, not as peripheral or separate from the rest of life’s meanings and relationships. Beyond teaching at the higher education level, the author has published 12 books and over 100 research articles, chapters, encyclopedia articles, and technical reports.

SECTION I: Contemporary Leisure: People and Resources

Chapter 1: The World of Leisure

Chapter 2: Leisure, Recreation, and Play

Chapter 3: Sources of Leisure Styles

Chapter 4: Leisure and the Life Course

Chapter 5: Leisure in a Diverse Society

Chapter 6: Politics and Policy

Chapter 7: Work, Leisure, and Time


SECTION II: Leisure: Past and Future

Chapter 8: The Ancient Heritage

Chapter 9: Leisure Ideals and Work Ethics

Chapter 10: Industrial America and the City

Chapter 11: From Community to Consumption

Chapter 12: Leisure and the Future


SECTION III: Forms of Leisure and Recreation

Chapter 13: Sport and Exercise

Chapter 14: Outdoor Recreation

Chapter 15: Leisure and the Arts

Chapter 16: Popular Culture and Mass Media

Chapter 17: Travel and Tourism


SECTION IV: Leisure Contexts and Resources

Chapter 18: Public Recreation: An Introduction

Chapter 19: Leisure and Education

Chapter 20: Recreation Business: The Market Sector

Chapter 21: Leisure Specialization and Subcultures

Chapter 22: Gender, Sexuality, and Leisure

Chapter 23: Leisure for Everyone

Chapter 24: Theories of Leisure: Contexts and Creation

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