The Game Finder

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-91025-157-0

Author(s): Annette C. Moore

Copyright year: 1992

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to The Games Finder. I have enjoyed researching and compiling the activities listed herein.

Many books have been written in the last century regarding recreation activities. Pawing through them has been fascinating and encouraging.

Though technology may change the types of activities people pursue and the equipment used, some things remain the same–people always have, and always will, need to play.

Being able to lead activities that bring a smile to the faces of the players is a very rewarding experience. I’m happy to say lots of smiling was going on through the “testing” of these activities.

But more importantly, and quite sincerely, I have been thinking about you as I prepared this book. Granted, I probably don’t know you, and we may never meet.

But, through this book, I hope I am able to encourage you and provide you with information and activities that will help you as an activity leader. In turn, you will be able to touch people’s lives, to encourage them, and to build them up, to have some fun!

As an activity leader, you are in a prestigious position: facilitating fun for folks. For the most part, people come to you expecting to have a good time.

They look to you to provide them with the setting, leadership, and activities they need to make their expectations a reality. This leadership handbook has been designed to assist you do just that.

The activities presented here have been selected, “tested,” and organized so they will be easy for you to lead, and enjoyable and encouraging for your participants.

Whether your group is larger or smaller, younger or older, infinitely mobile or less so, you will find many practical leadership tips and scores of fun activities to get you started.

Nothing can teach you recreation leadership as well as actual experience can. I invite you to review the program planning and leadership tips outlined in the first three chapters.

Then, flip to the back of the book to the Game Finder (beginning on page 181) for a quick index of the games, listed by category. A grid shows what size group, what level of effort, what setting, the amount of time, and if special preparation is needed to play the game.

Select an activity you are familiar with, grab a few friends, and get out there and give it a go! The more you lead recreation activities, the more confident and capable you will become.

Chapter 1. So You Want to Be an Activity Leader!

Chapter 2. Planning For Your Group

Chapter 3. Leading Your Group

Chapter 4. Group Starters and Mixers

Chapter 5. Team Builders and Affirmation Activities

Chapter 6. Active Games

Chapter 7. Relays

Chapter 8. Quiet Games

Some Final Thoughts

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Game Finder

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