Pricing Recreation and Park Services

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-797-6

Author(s): John L. Crompton

Copyright year: 2016

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 335

Pricing Recreation and Park Services: The Science and the Art provides a scientific foundation to guide pricing decisions confronting managers and elected officials in public parks and recreation agencies.

This book discusses the functions of price in the public sector including equity, efficient allocation, and revenue. It also explores differential pricing and behavioral pricing.

In addition to teaching at the higher education level, the author has conducted many hundreds of workshops on marketing and/or financing leisure services. This book is a must read for managers responsible for pricing decisions and for making recommendations on prices to elected officials and for academics who teach courses or engage in research that addresses pricing issues.

Chapter 1: Introduction


Section 1: Multiple Dimensions of the Benefit Principle: The Functions of Price in the Public Sector

Chapter 2: Facilitating Equity: The First “Invisible” Function of Price

Chapter 3: Facilitating the Efficient Allocation of Resources: The Second “Invisible” Function of Price

Chapter 4: Revenue Production: Establishing the Base Price


Section 2 : Differential Pricing: Discounts and Premiums

Chapter 5: Price Elasticity: The Basis for Differential Pricing

Chapter 6: Differential Pricing: Discounts for the Economically Disadvantaged and Unemployed

Chapter 7: Differential Pricing: Discounts for Seniors and Children and the Multi-Use Pass

Chapter 8: Differential Pricing Using Premiums


Section 3: Behavioral Pricing: Adapting Price to Fit Clienteles’ Perceptions of What Is Acceptable

Chapter 9: Reference Price: What It Is and How It Works

Chapter 10: Strategies Designed to Be Consistent with Reference Price

Chapter 11: Strategies to Reconcile Inconsistencies with Reference Price by Providing Quality and Cost Information

Chapter 12: Strategies Informed by Prospect Theory to Reconcile Inconsistencies with Reference Price

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