Ancillary Materials

A Career with Meaning, 2nd ed.

A Career with Meaning, 3rd ed.

A Social Psychology of Leisure, 3rd ed.

Active Living in Older Adulthood

Adventure Programming and Travel for the 21st Century

An Introduction to Tourism

Application of Behavior Analysis in Leisure Contexts

Applications in Recreation and Leisure For Today and the Future, 4th ed.

Assistive Devices, Adaptive Strategies, and Recreational Activity for Students With Disabilities

ATRA 2017 Annual in Therapeutic Recreation, Vol. 24

ATRA Guidelines for the Ethical Practice of Recreational Therapy

The Basics of Athletic Training 8th ed

Beneficial Risks

Brain Fitness

Case Studies in Therapeutic Recreation

Client Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation Services

Community Development

Comprehensive Manual of Taping, Wrapping, and Protective Devices, 5th ed.

Creating Special Events, 2nd ed.

Designing and Implementing Effective Adapted Physical Education Programs

Diversity and Inclusion in the Recreation Profession, 3rd ed.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Recreation Profession, 4th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Effective Management in Therapeutic Recreation Service, 3rd ed.

Instructor Resources:

Effective Management in Therapeutic Recreation Service, 4th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Evaluating Recreation Services, 4th ed.

Facilitation of Therapeutic Recreation Services

Instructor Resources:

Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation, 3rd ed.

Facility Management for Physical Activity and Sport, 2nd ed.

Facility Planning and Design for Health, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sport, 14th ed

Financing the Sport Enterprise, 2nd ed.

Finding Leisure in China

Footprints on the Land

Group Games and Activity Leadership

Human Resource Management in Recreation, Sport, and Leisure Services

Implementing Recreation and Leisure Opportunities for Infants and Toddlers With Disabilities

Improving Leisure Services Through Marketing Action

Instructor Resources:

Including Youth With Disabilities in Outdoor Programs

Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Leisure Services

Inclusive Leisure Services, 4th ed.

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Inclusive Leisure Services, 5th ed.

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Integrating Social Sciences With Ecosystem Management

Interactive Health and Fitness

Internships in Recreation and Leisure Services, 6th ed.

Internships in Sport Management

Interpreting Cultural and Natural Heritage for a Better World

Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism, 8th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Introduction to Community Tourism

Introduction to Leisure Services

Instructor Resources:

Introduction to Recreation Services

Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation

Introduction to Writing Goals and Objectives

Israeli Life and Leisure in the 21st Century

Just Leisure

Kids at Hope, 3rd ed.

Leadership and Administration of Outdoor Pursuits, 3rd ed.

Leadership for Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services, 4th ed.

Legal Concepts in Sport, 4th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Legal Liability in Recreation, Sports, and Tourism, 4th ed.

Leisure and Human Development

Leisure as Transformation, 2nd ed.

Leisure Education I, 2nd ed.

Leisure Education II, 2nd ed.

Leisure Education III, 2nd ed.

Leisure Education IV, 2nd ed.

Leisure Education Program Planning, 4th ed.

Leisure Education Program Planning, 5th ed.

Leisure Enhancement, 4th ed.

Leisure for Canadians, 2nd ed.

Leisure From International Voices

Leisure in Later Life, 4th ed.

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Leisure Matters

Leisure, 4th ed.

Leisure, Health, and Wellness

Leisure, Women, and Gender

Instructor Resources:

Lessons Learned

Making the Most of Your Internship

Making Visitors Mindful

Management Functions in Recreational Therapy

Management Strategies, 2nd ed.

Marketing in Leisure and Tourism

Measuring Tourism Performance


Music Therapy and Leisure for Persons With Disabilities

Natural Resources and the Informed Citizen, 2nd ed.

Needs Assessment, 2nd ed.

Nonprofit Law

Outdoor Recreation and Our Military Family

Outdoor Recreation Insurance, Risk Management, and Law

Instructor Resources:

Outdoor Recreation, 4th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Outdoor Recreation, 5th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Park and Recreation Maintenance Management, 4th ed.

Partnerships and Alliances in Sport for Development and Peace

Philosophies of Sport Management

Physical Education and Health

Positioning of Tourist Destinations

Pricing Recreation and Park Services

Problem Solving in Recreation and Parks, 5th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Professional Issues in Therapeutic Recreation, 3rd ed.

Recreation Program Planning Manual for Older Adults

Recreation Therapy With Individuals Living in the Community, 3rd ed.

Recreational Therapy, 5th ed.

Student Resources:

REH 220 – Introduction to Developmental Disabilities

Risk Management for Park, Recreation, and Leisure Services, 7th ed.

Service Living

Small Community Parks and Recreation Master Planning Resource Guide Version II Individual Professional/Student Edition

Small Community Parks and Recreation Master Planning Resource Guide Version I–Agency/Educator Edition

Sport and Violence

Sport Governance in North America, 2nd ed.

Sport Management

Instructor Resources:

Sport, Physical Activity, and the Law, 3rd ed.

Instructor Resources:

Stewards of Access/Custodians of Choice, 4th ed.

Study Guide for the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification Examination, 5th ed.

Supporting Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder in Recreation, 2nd ed.

Survey Research and Analysis, 2nd ed.

Taking the Initiative

Teaching Cases in the Philanthropic and Nonprofit Sector

Instructor Resources:

The Basics of Athletic Training 8th ed

The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, 3rd ed.

The Fuller Life Man

The Fun Encyclopedia for Therapists

The Future of Leisure, Tourism, and Sport

The Game Finder

The Gifts of Interpretation, 3rd ed.

The Impact on Property Values of Parks, Trails, Golf Courses, and Water Amenities

The Leader's Handbook, 2nd ed.

The Management of Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sport

The Principles of Sport Marketing

Instructor Resources:

The Soul, Science, and Culture of Hope

The Wilderness Within, 5th ed.

Therapeutic Recreation Practice

Therapeutic Recreation Processes and Techniques, 8th ed.

Student Resources:

Therapeutic Recreation Processes and Techniques, 9th ed.

Instructor Resources:

Therapeutic Recreation Program Design, 5th ed.

Therapeutic Recreation Program Design, 6th Ed

Therapeutic Recreation Programming

This Land Is Your Land

Tourism Policy

Understanding Leisure in the Ever-Changing World

Instructor Resources:

Why People Play

Youth Development

Youth Development Principles and Practices in Out-of-School Time Settings, 2nd ed.

Instructor Resources:

Youth Programs

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