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For over 40 years, Sagamore-Venture has been providing educational and academic material in the form of books, eBooks, and journals for educators, practitioners, and students.

As we move forward in the twenty-first century, the field continues to evolve and expand into a multitude of individualized areas.

We are seemingly faced with new and advanced technology and challenges on a daily basis.

The one constant that remains the same is Sagamore-Venture's mission "to meet the educational needs of the profession."

We currently offer educational materials in the following fields of study: health education, physical education, leisure education, outdoor recreation and education, recreational therapy, park and recreation administration, hospitality and tourism management, sport management, and athletic training.

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Sagamore-Venture is also heavily involved in the evolving research of these fields.

Academic journal subscriptions from Sagamore-Venture include online and print editions, full archive access, and special institutional pricing.

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