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Community Parks and Recreation

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-789-1

Author(s): Christopher R. Edginton, Samuel V. Lankford, Rodney B. Dieser, Christopher L. Kowalski

Copyright year: 2017

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 392

Community Parks & Recreation: An Introduction explores the history and philosophical foundations of public parks and recreation and provides practical strategies for administrative activities, planning, marketing, budgeting, engaging the public, and land acquisition. It also discusses program and service delivery in a variety of areas. The book seeks answers to these questions:

•    What are the most important elements of a livable community?

•    In what type of community would they like to live?

•    How important is it to build social connections amongst family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others?

•    How are such relationships developed and sustained?

•    What types of organizations are more likely to create such opportunities for building one's social capital?

•    What agencies in the community are concerned with addressing environmental degradation and on the flip side enhancing community beautification and greening?

Beyond higher education, the authors have served in professional organizations such as the World Leisure Organization. They also have experiences in community and youth recreation programs and program planning.

Part I: History and Philosophical Foundations of Public Parks and Recreation

Chapter 1: Introduction to Community Parks and Recreation

Chapter 2: History of Public Parks and Recreation

Chapter 3: Serving Diverse Communities and Populations

Chapter 4: Benefits and Impacts of Parks and Recreation

Part II: Managerial and Administrative Perspectives of Public Parks and Recreation Systems

Chapter 5: Organizational and Administrative Practices

Chapter 6: Planning for Parks and Recreation

Chapter 7: Social Marketing

Chapter 8: Budgeting and Financial Management for Parks and Recreation

Chapter 9: Boards and Commissions

Chapter 10: Engaging the Community

Chapter 11: Acquisition of Parks and Open Space

Part III: Public Sector Service Provision in Parks and Recreation

Chapter 12: Programming

Chapter 13: Services for Children and Youth

Chapter 14: Services for Adults and Seniors

Chapter 15: Event Management

Chapter 16: Community-Based Therapeutic Recreation/Inclusive Recreation

Chapter 17: Area and Facility Management

Chapter 18: Trends, Issues, and Opportunities

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