Nonprofit Organizing, Advocacy, and Lobbying

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-952815-98-0

Author(s): Jeannie Fox

Copyright year: 2024

Edition: 1st

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Pages: 140

Nonprofit Organizing, Advocacy, and Lobbying: Part of Meeting Mission is a book about moving the needle on any number of societal challenges assembled by academic experts and on-the-ground practitioners.  The work of nonprofits is the work of democracy in action. Of the eight chapters that outline various strategies and techniques to influence public policy in the public interest and advocate for marginalized communities, four chapters are written by academics studying these issues and four chapters by practitioners who are doing this work, day-in and day-out. We need both. We have much to learn from each other. We are partners in advancing the work that nonprofits do every day to build stronger communities and a more just world.

In Nonprofit Organizing, Advocacy, and Lobbying: Part of Meeting Mission, you will find thoughtful questions for further discussion and practical examples and case studies to illustrate what nonprofit advocacy in the United States looks like. It is in the combination of these various strategies and techniques, whether you focus on delivering services and employing that experience to inform the public policy debate, or you are operating a small neighborhood association—engaging people in the lives of their communities, in and of itself—you are practicing and protecting democracy. The various chapters will introduce you to nonprofit voter engagement, movement building, issue-based campaigns, lobbying, power analysis, storytelling, and research,  to better equip and inspire you to engage in critically important nonprofit advocacy work. 


Overview of the Sagamore-Venture Nonprofit Series



About the Authors


1 The Role of Nonprofits in U.S. Society

by Jeannie Fox and John Casey


2 Issue-Based Advocacy in the Nonprofit Sector

by David Heinen 


3 The Strength of Coalitions and Grassroots Movements

by Kelly Harris and Roseanne M. Mirabella 

4 Yes! Nonprofits Can Lobby

by Abby Levine and Shyaam Subramanian


5 Civic Engagement Via Trusted Community Partners

by Kathleen Hale


6 Power Dynamics in the Policy Arena

by Keesha Gaskins-Nathan 


7 Using Data to Make Your Advocacy Case 

by Carrie Thomas and Malika Gujrati 


8 Policy Writing, Storytelling, and Media Advovacy  

by Matthew Hale

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