Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Leisure Services - ebook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-557-7

Author(s): John Dattilo

Copyright year: 2022

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: Print

Pages: 257

The figure depicted on the front cover is an illustration of a model containing key components of inclusive leisure services for people with disabilities presented in this book. An icon commonly representing people with disabilities is located at the center of the figure to communicate that the model is person-centered.

Since inclusion involves people feeling safe, welcome, respected, and valued in their home, community, country, and wherever they might travel across the world, circles with these words surround the icon. Stars circling people within their various environments represent strategies facilitating inclusive leisure services. This model emphasizes the importance of applying ethical standards to help us focus on promoting inclusion and helping people achieve the goal of experiencing the wonders of leisure.

In addition, the model encourages practitioners to use inclusive language, exceed the ADA, address people’s unique challenges to experiencing leisure, and use assistive technologies. Ultimately, we provide inclusive leisure services to encourage all people to experience leisure and happiness as they flourish in their homes, communities, country, and throughout the world.


Acknowledgments and Reading Recommendations 
About the Author

Section A: Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Leisure Services: An Introduction
Chapter 1: 
Ethical Assumptions for Inclusive Leisure 
Chapter 2: 
Achieve the Goal of Leisure for People with Disabilities 
Chapter 3: 
Facilitate Inclusion of People with Disabilities 
Chapter 4: 
Use Inclusive Language for People with Disabilities


Section B: Include People by Exceeding the Americans with Disabilities Act
Chapter 5: 
Overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act 
Chapter 6: 
Plan to Exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act 
Chapter 7: 
Exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act


Section C: Include People by Addressing Challenges
Chapter 8: 
Include People with Stable Physical Challenges 
Chapter 9: 
Include People with Progressive Physical Challenges 
Chapter 10: 
Include People with Developmental Challenges 
Chapter 11:
Include People with Neurological Challenges 
Chapter 12: 
Include People with Mental Health Challenges 
Chapter 13:
Include People with Auditory Challenges 
Chapter 14: 
Include People with Visual Challenges


Section D: Include People by Providing Assistive Technology
Chapter 15: 
Include People by Improving Function 
Chapter 16: 
Include People by Expanding Experiences 
Chapter 17: 
Include People by Supporting Participation

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