Alexis McKenney - Author

Alexis McKenney has published several articles and chapters on topics related to character development and recreational therapy (RT), RT internationally, RT as a viable service in educational settings, and RT issues in higher education.

Much of McKenney’s research has focused on examining effects of life-skills and RT interventions designed to assist in the treatment of youth with disruptive behavior disorders and/or who are considered to be at-risk for behavior problems.

Currently, using the social model of disability, she is researching changes in attitudes and behaviors among students who participate in disability simulation activities while studying abroad, developing a model to explain the process of moving from a sympathetic response to one of empathy and, ultimately, advocacy, as well as a reliable and valid survey instrument that will be used to assess changes in participants' attitudes as a result of participating in a range of disability trainings.

In addition, McKenney is a coeditor for the American Therapeutic Recreation Association Annual and a reviewer for the American Journal of Recreation Therapy and the Therapeutic Recreation Journal.

Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation, 3rd ed.