Carol Ann Baglin - Author

Carol Ann Baglin is an assistant state superintendent in the Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services for the Maryland State Department of Education.

She administers and supervises special education and early intervention programs throughout the state, making sure such programs are in compliance with both Maryland and federal laws and codes.

Among her varied duties, Baglin coordinates program funding from the federal to the local level, manages medical assistance reimbursement for school services, and sets foster care rates for group homes.

She also works with local school systems for nonpublic school placements, if the public school in question can't handle the special needs of a particular child.

Baglin, who teaches three courses—Legal Aspects, Collaborative Programming for Parents of Children With Disabilities, and Development of the Young Child With Disabilities—sees her SPSBE teaching function as a direct link to performing her job.

"[The teaching] is an important reason why I am able to continue in my role as assistant state superintendent," she says.

"In my classes, I have ongoing contact with special educators who are engaged each and every day in implementing the policies and regulations enacted by Congress, the Federal Department of Education and the State Department of Education.

"It helps me to keep current in the field and translate and put into practice ideas discussed with my students."

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