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Galen Godbey - Author

With a futurist’s perspective, Galen Godbey’s overarching professional mission is to help individuals and organizations prepare for the fast-boil world of the global creative economy.

He is currently a visiting professor of Management at Moravian College, the nation’s sixth oldest institution of higher education.

His primary intellectual concerns are leadership, management, and organizational redesign for the opportunities and threats of a global environment of “creative destruction on steroids” in which “software is eating the world” and where climate change will challenge every country and culture.

Godbey has worked as a senior administrator, teacher, fund-raiser, project manager, lobbyist, legislative analyst, consultant to and board member for both start-up companies and nonprofit organizations, author, conference keynote speaker, speech writer, and researcher in education.

He has been recognized for his leadership in inter-institutional cooperation in higher education, for his pioneering work in distance education, and for his lifetime of contributions to international education.

He has extensive international travel experience both for business and for pleasure and has raised millions of dollars from state, federal, and private sources.

The Future of Leisure, Tourism, and Sport