Garrett A. Hutson - Author

Garrett Hutson is an associate professor of recreation and leisure studies and a faculty affiliate with the environmental sustainability research center at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. His research interests center on understanding the complexities of person-environment relationships and their impacts on a variety of outdoor recreation contexts.

Through much of his work, Hutson aims to highlight the social-ecological significance of outdoor experiential programming to the study of sustainability and society by examining the ways outdoor educational programs and outdoor recreation communities of practice help build environmentally sustainable and human health-focused relationships with nature.

Hutson’s research has appeared in Sustainability Science, Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, and Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 

Hutson currently teaches undergraduate courses on leadership, risk management, qualitative research, and outdoor education and supervises undergraduate and graduate student researchers who have wide ranging interests.

Prior to academic life, Hutson worked as a ski patroller in Southwest Colorado, as a NOLS outdoor leader in Wyoming, Alaska, and the Yukon Territory, and as a climbing guide for organizations accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association in both Oregon and Colorado.

In his free time, Hutson enjoys family adventures with his partner Maureen and their children, Ruby and Jasper, in his adopted hometown of Toronto, Ontario.

Outdoor Recreation, 4th ed.



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