Inclusive Access

Inclusive AccessNo more access codes!

The Inclusive Access model integrates the provision and cost of course books and materials directly through your campus bookstore and/or within your school’s learning management system.

Benefits of Inclusive Access:

  • Inclusive Access is the best choice for students, faculty, and our environment, and it is especially important going into the Summer and Fall semesters.
  • The Inclusive Access model is ideal whether the student is studying on campus or at home.
  • Books purchased through the Inclusive Access model are usually the lowest-priced option for students. The cost of the book is integrated into their tuition.
  • All students have access to their materials on the first day of class, meaning that instruction can begin immediately!
  • The Inclusive Access model is environmentally friendly.
  • Students can always opt out of the Inclusive Access model. Sagamore-Venture follows the Department of Education’s regulations enabling students to choose the purchase option best for them. Statistics show that the opt-out rate percentage is in the low single-digit range.
  • Resources and other course materials are also easily accessible.

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