Jill K. Lankford - Author

Jill K. Lankford has worked with communities in their planning and design efforts with a particular focus on community character and development. Lankford's work with planning and design with small towns has resulted in recognition by the American Planning Association–Oregon Chapter for citizen involvement and economic development.

She has provided tourism development training in North America, Bolivia, and Vietnam.

In addition, Jill has experience as a recreation program director for a municipality and for the U.S. Army in South Korea.

She has degrees in landscape architecture (BLA and MLA) and Urban Planning (MUP) from the University of Oregon. She also has a BA in Recreation Administration from CSU-Chico.

Jill was the coordinator of the Sustainable Tourism and Environment Program at the University of Hawaii and the University of Northern Iowa, where she completed community development projects with students for community and regional agencies and organizations. Jill teaches in the Department of Recreation Administration at Fresno State.

Jill continues her work in Fresno focusing on community-level park and recreation planning and water-wise design. In her spare time, she is a master gardener with UC Merced. 

Introduction to Community Tourism was written for students in recreation, parks, tourism, special events and experience industry management. This book illustrates the intersections of the public parks and recreation industry with community special events and tourism. The book has a focus on community level special events and the resulting tourism industry. Highlighted are examples from communities in North America, with a focus on the professional environment that graduates in recreation, parks, tourism, and special events may find employment. This book differs from the other books that focus on the mass tourism market (Hawaii for example) by addressing the travel and special events at the local level, known as community-based tourism. We focus on the small businesses, entrepreneurs, and main street organizations and how they attract tourists (music and art festivals for example). 

An Introduction to Park Management, 4th ed. is intended for students who have an interest in parks and park management as a profession. Additionally, the book provides information for the park manager and advisory and special interest groups. The book covers regional, state, and federal park systems. Attention is given to organizational structures, planning of parks, and decision making that influence the way parks are managed.

An Introduction to Park Management, 4th ed.



Introduction to Community Tourism