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Ken Wright - Author

Dr. Ken Wright, DA, AT Ret is a professor emeritus at The University of Alabama. Dr. Wright received his academic degrees from Middle Tennessee State University, Syracuse University, and Eastern Kentucky University.

With over 46+ years of professional experience in the sports industry, his scholarly productivity includes involvement in 30 textbook projects, series of pioneering educational simulations, 20 educational videos, 76 research articles, 200+ presentations at international and national conference, and grant funding of $500,000.

Through his professional efforts, Dr. Wright has established himself as a distinguished scholar, researcher, and educator who is a respected expert and sought-after presenter across the globe.

Currently, Dr. Wright serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the United States Anti-Doping Agency. From the National Athletic Trainers' Association, Dr. Wright received the NATA Hall of Fame and Sayers "Bud" Miller Distinguished Educator of the Year Award.

Dr. Wright’s research interest includes ethics and integrity, health-related medical information for sports participants and support personnel, and preventive techniques in sport industry settings. 

Basic Athletic Training: An Introductory Course in the Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Basic Athletic Training is a comprehensive introduction to current philosophies, procedures, and practices related to the care and prevention of athletic injuries.

Designed as a classroom textbook, Basic Athletic Training will prove to be challenging and rewarding for athletic training students and allied health professionals. It also serves as a reference guide for individuals concerned with the health and well-being of athletes.

The Basics of Athletic Training 8th Ed.



Basic Athletic Training, 7th ed.



Comprehensive Manual of Taping, Wrapping, and Protective Devices, 5th ed.