Merry Moiseichik - Author

Dr. Moiseichik received her undergraduate and master degrees from State University at New York in Recreation Education. She also received permanent certification in elementary education from the state of New York and taught 6th grade in Moravia Elementary School for seven years.

She received a graduate assistantship at SUNY Cortland after which she taught in the department for a year. From there, she then went on for her doctorate at Indiana University where she also become certified as a public administrator.

She arrived on campus at the University of Arkansas in fall of 1989.

Dr. Moiseichik is interested in the study of sport and recreation law. She received her law degree from the University of Arkansas in 2006.

She teaches Law and Risk Management in Sport and Recreation (undergraduate), Research (undergraduate and masters), Leadership (masters), and Issues and Management at the Doctoral level.

She is also interested in Community Development through recreation.

Dr. Moiseichik provides consulting services to communities to encourage community recreation directors to provide quality recreation services.

She is the editor of the National Recreation and Park Association’s book, Management of Park and Recreation Agencies, which will have its 5th edition in 2023.  It is written to help recreation and park agencies get accreditation and includes field examples of all the required documents needed for accreditation.

She has received the Distinguished Faculty Award for service from the University of Arkansas Alumni Association and received the National Recreation and Park Association Southwest Region Fellow Award, both for service to the University, state, and nation. She has also received the Garrett G. Eppley Alumni Award from Indiana University.

Risk Management for Park, Recreation, and Leisure Services, 7th ed.