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Michael A. Mulvaney - Author

Michael Mulvaney is a Professor at Illinois State University (ISU). Mulvaney's area of research centers on management issues within public park and recreation agencies. 

Specific topics within Michael’s research agenda include performance appraisal systems in public park and recreation agencies, post-retirement employment of park and recreation professionals, family-friendly employee benefits programs, public participation strategies within park and recreation agencies, learning and the use of learning technologies in employee training, and planning processes in park and recreation agencies. 

Mulvaney also has experience on the development and testing of the effectiveness of various modes of instruction and their relationship to student learning of park and recreation concepts. 

Courses Mulvaney teaches at ISU include administration of human resources in leisure services, internship supervision, planning and design of recreational facilities, statistics in applied science and technology, and management of sport and recreation. 

Making the Most of Your Internship



Making the Most of Your Internship was written with the intention of being used as a textbook for students completing a course focused on professionalism and preparation for selecting and securing an internship in parks and recreation