Michael Bender - Author

Michael Bender is vice president of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, an international facility in Baltimore, Maryland, and a professor of education with a joint appointment in pediatrics from The John Hopkins University and School of Medicine.

Bender has been with the institute for the past 30 years, helping individuals with disorders of the brain participate as fully as possible in family, school, and community life.

He has published over 30 books and numerous papers dealing with the areas of special education and rehabilitation and has served as project director, coordinator, and national consultant to grants addressing the leisure needs of individuals with disabilities.

He is the coauthor of the four-volume series A Functional Curriculum for Teaching Students With Disabilities, which has been a major curriculum resource to the field of special education for the last 25 years. Most recently, he has served as a regional research coordinator for both the NCEP and NICP projects.

Bender continues to write extensively in areas that address the needs of parents and children with disabilities.

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