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Request for File

Accessible Format Request - Files & Info

Sagamore Publishing's ebooks all have compatibility with screen readers.

Most print book disability requests from U.S. and Canadian higher education institutions can be submitted through AccessText Network.

If your school is an ATN member, please first submit your request through your ATN portal.

If your school is not an ATN member, or you can't find your title at ATN, please complete and submit this form.

Requests for the digital format of a Sagamore Publishing title may only be made by, or on behalf of, a person with a documented disability.

Verification of credentials or documentation may be requested from the individual submitting the request.

Information for Those With a Visual Impairment

For Windows there are JAWS, NVDA or Window-Eyes screen readers.

For Mac there is VoiceOver (built in to most iPhones).

There is Google TalkBack for Android devices.

Assistive software must be installed separately and in addition to any other reader app.

Questions? Contact Us.