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Valeria J. Freysinger - Author

Valeria J. Freysinger (she/her) is professor emerita in the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Miami University of Ohio where she was also a faculty associate in the Scripps Gerontology Center. Her teaching and research focus on issues related to leisure, gender, aging, and social justice. She received her bachelor’s degree from York College of Pennsylvania and master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before pursuing a PhD, she worked for a number of years in community services and community recreation and now, in addition to writing, also volunteers with several DEI nonprofit organizations. She has a love of baking, music, and travel, and is a passionate gardener, birder, bicyclist, hiker, and beach scavenger. 

Understanding Leisure in the Ever-Changing World: Power, Privileges, and Promises


This book was written with the intention to both introduce majors and non-majors to the centrality of leisure/recreation/parks to a democratic society - and challenge them to think critically about leisure as social reproduction, resistance, and transformation.

Leisure, Women, and Gender