Active Living in Older Adulthood

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-89213-286-4

Author(s): Barbara Hawkins

Copyright year: 2009

Edition: 1st

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This revised edition of Therapeutic Activity Intervention With the Elderly: Foundations and Practices (1996) has undergone significant changes from the original text.

The book has been broadened beyond a narrow focus on therapeutic intervention to embrace principles and practices that are applicable to professional activity specialists who serve older adults in a wide range of settings.

Unit I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Population Aging: Impact and Implications of Demographic Change

Chapter 2: Overview of Healthcare and the Elderly

Unit II: The Aging Process

Chapter 3: Overview of Normal Aging

Chapter 4: Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging

Chapter 5: Common Physical Diseases, Illnesses, and Disabilities

Chapter 6: Psychological Illnesses and Psychiatric Disorders

Unit III: Program Planning and Implementation Processes

Chapter 7: Programming for Therapeutic Outcomes

Chapter 8: The Role and Function of Assessment

Chapter 9: Adaptation, Autonomy, and Resilience in Older Adulthood

Chapter 10: Environmental Design for Active Engagement

Unit IV: Categories of Activities for Older Adults

Chapter 11: Leisure Education

Chapter 12: Physical Activity and Health Promotion

Chapter 13: Mental Health Activity Intervention

Chapter 14: Psychological Activities

Chapter 15: Documentation and Evaluation

Chapter 16: Ethics and Standards of Care

Chapter 17: The Future: Trends and Issues Appendices

Appendix A: Standards of Practice of the National Association of Activity Professionals

Appendix B: Code of Ethics of the National Association of Activity Professionals

Appendix C: Code of Ethics of the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals

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