Internships in Recreation and Leisure Services, 6th ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-871-3

Author(s): Edward E. Seagle, Jr., Tammy B. Smith, Ralph W. Smith

Copyright year: 2017

Edition: 6th

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 191

Internships in Recreation and Leisure Services: A Practical Guide for Students (6th ed.) guides the reader through a systematic internship selection process that will help them utilize their life experiences and available resources to maximum advantage. This book gives the reader the proper tools to identify and secure an internship that not only meets their academic objectives but also enhances their professional career in recreation and leisure services.

The authors have professional experience at the higher education level and as an organization development consultant and president of an organization development consulting firm. They have given numerous presentations and speaking engagements on a number of internship and employment topics and authored a number of books on internships in sport management and recreation and leisure services. Moreover, they have had roles in career transition and placement and have offered career coaching services.

Chapter 1: Self-Assessment

Chapter 2: Direction

Chapter 3: Search and Research

Chapter 4: Preparation: The Cover Letter

Chapter 5: Preparation: The Résumé

Chapter 6: The Interview

Chapter 7: Selection and Final Planning


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