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Partnerships and Alliances in Sport for Development and Peace

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-981-9

Author(s): Jon Welty Peachy, B. Christine Green, Laurence Chalip

Copyright year: 2020

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 247

Partnerships and Alliances in Sport for Development and Peace: Considerations, Tensions, and Strategies enters into the partnership arena in the sport for development and peace field by providing the latest thinking and conversation revolving around partnerships and alliances and their associated challenges, along with strategies to address them.

The thoughts, critiques, responses, and extensions provided in this book are wide-ranging and thought-provoking for anyone interested in SDP scholarship or practice.

The authors have taught at the higher education level. They have also partnered with a variety of local, national, and international sport-based nonprofits to work with them on effective program design and outcome assessment; have served as editors and associate editors for sport journals; and consulted with sport organizations throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Korea, and New Zealand.

1 Envisioning Sport as a Tool for Development and Peace
  Laurence Chalip

2 SDP Partnerships and the Government Sector: Manna from Heaven or Faustian Pacts?
  John Sugden and Graham Spacey


3 Familiarity Breeds Contempt, and Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Some Skeptical Notes about Sport and Conflict Resolution
  Robert Pahre


4  Challenges and Tensions in Developing Sustainable Partnerships with National and International Non-Governmental Organizations
   Jon Welty Peachey


5  Charisma and Governance: Key Challenges in SDP/NGO Relations
   John J. MacAloon


6  Forming Community Partnerships and Linkages in Sport for Development and Peace: Considerations, Tensions, and Strategies
   Emma Sherry


7  On the Consequences of Context and Perspective: Sector, Governance, and Cultural Considerations for SDP Partnerships and Alliances
   B. Christine Green


8  Exploring Global North/South Partnerships in Participatory Sport and Sport for Development and Peace: Tensions, Challenges, and Ways Forward
   Lyndsay M. C. Hayhurst and Mitchell McSweeney


9  Participatory Sport and Sport for Development: Response to Drs. Hayhurst and McSweeney
   Laura Misener


10 Sport for Development in an Educational Setting: An Analysis of Husky Sport
   Marlene A. Dixon and Jennifer E. (Bruening) McGarry


11 The Lessons of Husky Sport for SDP Programming, Theory, and Research
   Douglas Hartmann


12 Sport for Development and (Partnerships with) the Health Sector: Reflections from the Pacific Islands
   Nico Schulenkorf and Katja Siefken


13 The Interplay of Sport and Health: Examining Relevant Constructs, Theoretical Perspectives, Exemplary Programs in the United States, and General Strategies for Using Sport to Improve Health
   Shondra Loggins Clay and Reginald J. Alston


14 Toward Developing Strategic Partnerships between SDP and Corporate Organizations: Elements of Effective Partnership Interactions
   Kathy Babiak and Daniel Yang


15 The Foundation and Impact of Collaborative Value in SDP-Corporate Partnerships
   Katie E. Misener


16 Making Sense of It All: New Insights, Challenges, and Actions for SDP Organizations
   Wonjun Choi, Michelle L. Coley, Kelsey LeFevour, and Na Ri Shin


17 Presuppositions and Essential Concerns for SDP Theory, Research, Practice, and Alliances
   Laurence Chalip


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