Perspectives on Recreational Therapy

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-877-5

Author(s): David R. Austin, Bryan P. McCormick

Copyright year: 2017

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 417

Perspectives on Recreational Therapy provides perspectives on practice, offering the latest theoretical perspectives that support recreational therapy practice.

This book also gives perspectives on being a professional, exploring topics such as continuing education and ethics. It further gives perspectives related to the profession, with topics such as the historical development of recreational therapy, health care regulations and recreational therapy, and research in recreational therapy.

Beyond the higher education level, the editors have professional experience in recreational therapy as practitioner, researcher, and author. The contributors have taught recreational therapy at the higher education level. This book is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in recreational therapy. Its contents should also prove helpful to those practicing recreational therapy.

Section I: Perspectives on Practice 
Chapter 1: The Therapeutic Relationship

Chapter 2: Broadening the Concept of “Evidence” in Recreational Therapy Practice

Chapter 3: International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health

Chapter 4: Integrative Health Care

Chapter 5: Conceptual Models for Theory and Practice

Chapter 6: Concepts from Social Psychology

Chapter 7: Technology in Recreational Therapy

Chapter 8: The Strengths-Based Approach in Recreational Therapy

Chapter 9: Recreational Therapy Mental Health Theory and Practice: Emphasizing the Positive


Section II: Perspectives on Being a Professional

Chapter 10: Professionalism

Chapter 11: How to Take and Pass Tests

Chapter 12: Dare to Share: Making Presentations

Chapter 13: On Healthy Caring

Chapter 14: Continuing Education

Chapter 15: Certification and Licensure

Chapter 16: Public Policy and the Recreational Therapy Profession: Becoming an Advocate for Change

Chapter 17: Professional Ethics

Chapter 18: Hire Me!


Section III: Perspectives Related to the Profession

Chapter 19: Historical Development of Recreational Therapy

Chapter 20: Professional Preparation

Chapter 21: Health Care in America: Regulations and Recreational Therapy

Chapter 22: Marketing Recreational Therapy

Chapter 23: Research in Recreational Therapy

Chapter 24: Cultural Competence

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