SPORT MANAGEMENT An Exploration Of The Field And Its Value 2nd Edition

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Copyright Date Ed: 2024

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Edition: 2nd

ISBN NoDashes: 9781962710015

other formats: print

pages: 364

Primary Author's: Matt Bowers, Marlene Dixon, Florian Hemme

This new edition aims to establish a new foundation for sport management students, emphasizing the reasons why managing sport plays a crucial role in society. It also provides insights from key thinkers in the field about the value of sport and the importance of managing it in a conversational yet challenging manner. As the legitimacy of sport management as an academic pursuit continues to be a challenge, this textbook equips students with the concepts and language to express the unique role of sport in our economic, social, cultural, and political existence.

CHAPTER 1 A Challenge to Why Sport Matters: Managing Sport for Society 

CHAPTER 2 Spectator Sport

CHAPTER 3 Participation Sport in the United States

CHAPTER 4 Functional Areas of  Sport Management

CHAPTER 5 Sport's Role in Positive Socialization

 CHAPTER 6 Sport and Health

 CHAPTER 7 Sport and National Identity: The Good, the Bad, and the Future 

CHAPTER 8 Sport for Community Development 

CHAPTER 9 Sport’s Role in Economic Development 

CHAPTER 10 Sport and Matters of Racial Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Justice

CHAPTER 11 Tracing the History of Sport Management as a Professional Field & Academic Discipline: The Next Step Forward 

CHAPTER 12 Connecting the Dots and Asking the Important Questions

CHAPTER 13 Future Horizons for Sport Management

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