The Soul, Science, and Culture of Hope

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-952-9

Author(s): Rick Miller

Copyright year: 2019

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 163

Hope demands to be understood—no different from other disciplines.

My goal is not to provide a scholarly analysis, but to add to the general discussion about hope and how it can translate into a strategy for all. To achieve that, I have chosen to address three major components that I believe the reader will find inspiring, empowering, and transformational.

These three parts strike at an explanation and clarity that’s required to recognize hope as a powerful ally in our collective efforts to support the physical, emotional, intellectual, and economic success of all children and adults.

This book, then, will ardently investigate the soul, science, and culture of hope.

For those whose search for hope continues or has been temporarily stalled, I trust you will not give up on your quest, and possibly find some value in the following pages.

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Book Study Guide

Section I: The Soul of Hope
1 Stories of Hope
2 Finding Hope: Antwone Fisher
3 Teaching–Learning Hope: Erin’s Story
4 “Picking” Hope: The McFarland USA Story
5 Humanitarian of Hope: Gerda Weissman Klein
6 When Innocence is Lost: Frank DeAngelis’ Story
7 Finding Peace in Hope: Sarah’s Story
8 Does Hope Have Arms and Legs: Gabe’s Story
9 A Negative Times a Negative Equals a Positive: Professor Erika Camacho’s Story
10 Re-creating Hope
11 Final Thoughts and Conclusions
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Section II: The Science of Hope
12 The Resiliency of Hope
13 The Psychology of Hope
14 The Science of Hope Advances
15 From Youth at Risk to Kids at Hope
16 Defining Hope
17 Mental Time Travel
18 The Brain and Hope
19 Hope Needs Companionship
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Section III: The Culture of Hope
20 The Bureaucracy and Culture of Hope
21 Mission Statements are Owned, Belief Systems are Shared
22 In Search of a Culture
23 Seeking a Culture—Finding a Subculture
24 Efficiency Versus Effectiveness: What You Focus on Is What You Get, for Better or Worse
25 Growing a Culture
26 Cultures are about People and People Are the Culture
27 What We Teach Is What We Learn
28 Understand and Invest in Relationships
29 The Authority of Bureaucracy and the Legitimacy of Culture
30 Dissecting Culture
31 Share Hope
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