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Introduction to Recreation Services - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-833-1

Author(s): Karla Henderson

Copyright year: 2014

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: Print

pages: 423

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Introduction to Recreation Services: Sustainability for a Changing World explores the meanings of leisure for people and the importance of recreation services in society. This book discusses all sectors of the recreation services field, including public, nonprofit, and private business entities. It introduces students to career opportunities in recreation services and the benefits and challenges that recreation professionals face in recreation professionals in a changing world.

This book presents the philosophy that social, economic, and environmental sustainability concerns should underlie all recreation services.

The author has taught at the higher education level and has served professional organizations such as the Society of Park and Recreation Educators; the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; and the Academy of Leisure Sciences. She has also served on numerous state, national, and international boards and committees.


Chapter 1: Overview and Contemporary Society

Chapter 2: Overview of Recreation Services

Chapter 3: Conceptualizing Leisure and Recreation

Chapter 4: People and Play

Chapter 5: Applying Concepts of Leisure

Chapter 6: Benefits of Leisure to Individuals

Chapter 7: Benefits of Recreation Services to Communities

Chapter 8: Just Leisure and Recreation Services



Chapter 9: Overview and Early Histories

Chapter 10: The Roman Empire and Medieval Europe

Chapter 11: Renaissance and Reformation

Chapter 12: Industrialization

Chapter 13: Leisure and Recreation in the United States Through the Mid-20th Century

Chapter 14: Leisure and Recreation From Post-World War II to Present

Chapter 15: Roots of Recreation Services

Chapter 16: The Recreation Services Profession



Chapter 17: Opportunities in Recreation Services

Chapter 18: Government Involvement in Recreation Services

Chapter 19: Community Recreation and Parks

Chapter 20: Recreation Services, State, and National/Federal

Chapter 21: Nonprofit Recreation Services

Chapter 22: Youth Recreation Services

Chapter 23: Private Business and Commercial Recreation

Chapter 24: Sustainable Tourism

Chapter 25: Therapeutic Recreation Services

Chapter 26: Sport and Golf Management

Chapter 27: Events Management

Chapter 28: Gerontology and Older Adults

Chapter 29: Other Recreation Specialties

Chapter 30: Recreation Services and Higher Education



Chapter 31: The Mission of Recreation Services

Chapter 32: Time for Recreation

Chapter 33: Changing Demographics

Chapter 34: Social Inclusion

Chapter 35: Education and Advocacy

Chapter 36: Technology and Leisure

Chapter 37: Humans and Nature

Chapter 38: Environmental Impacts

Chapter 39: Health and Wellness

Chapter 40: Globalization

Chapter 41: Partnerships

Chapter 42: Volunteers

Chapter 43: Repositioning Recreation Services

Chapter 44: Management of Recreation Services

Chapter 45: Living

Chapter 46: Becoming a Recreation Services Professional

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