Programming for Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services, 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-955-0

Author(s): Debra J. Jordan, Donald G. DeGraaf

Copyright year: 2019

Edition: 4th

Other Formats: Print

pages: 441

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It is a lot of hard work to help others have fun.

This astute observation recognizes the role of programmers and programs in offering benefits to participants. Dynamic programming is a must if parks, recreation, and tourism organizations are going to thrive in the 21st century. Programming is the one common, tangible, visible medium through which parks, recreation, and tourism professionals touch people’s lives. Yet, we know that quality programs don’t just happen; they require careful planning and development. Programming for Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services: A Servant Leadership Approach is about the art and science of the complete programming process. We strive to go beyond merely presenting the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality programs; we suggest the integration of values into this process. We do this from a servant leadership perspective.  

We think that this emphasis on values continues to be important, and in completing the revision process for this edition, we are even more convinced that the servant leadership approach offers our profession a model that makes serving and leading through programs possible. As recreation experience programmers, we see the world changing around us and must respond to those changes in the ways people live, work, and recreate. We must be able to lead when acting on the changes we see through service to others.

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts

Chapter 2: Service and Quality in Programming

Chapter 3: Principles, Philosophy, and Planning

Chapter 4: Asset Mapping and Needs Assessments

Chapter 5: The People We Serve

Chapter 6: Program Design

Chapter 7: Program Promotion

Chapter 8: Pricing Program Services

Chapter 9: Facilitating the Program Experience

Chapter 10: The Essence of Program Evaluation

Chapter 11: Evaluation Tools, Techniques, and Data Analysis

Chapter 12: Changes and Opportunities: The Journey to Sustainability

Appendix A: Tournament Scheduling

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