Leisure Education Program Planning, 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-826-3

Author(s): John Dattilo

Copyright year: 2015

Edition: 4th

pages: 400

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Leisure Education Program Planning (4th ed.) explores principles of leisure and leisure education and examines the research in leisure education. This book also provides considerations for developing the content (what to teach) of leisure education and addresses the process (how to teach) of implementing leisure education programs.

Further, it discusses specific leisure education programs associated with six possible leisure education components (appreciate leisure, be aware of self in leisure, be self-determined in leisure, interact socially, use leisure resources, and make leisure decisions).

The author has taught at the higher education level. He also has professional experience as a researcher and a clinician.

SECTION A: Understand Principles: How do we get started?

Chapter 1: An Introduction: The Journey

Chapter 2: The Core of Leisure

Chapter 3: Foundations of Leisure

Chapter 4: Constraints to Leisure

Chapter 5: Leisure Education: A Solution

Chapter 6: A Balanced Approach to Leisure Education


SECTION B: Be Aware of Previous Leisure Education Programs: What has been done already?

Chapter 7: Recommendations

Chapter 8: Research and Evaluation


SECTION C: Develop Content for Leisure Education: What do we teach?

Chapter 9: Areas of Concentration

Chapter 10: Multicultural Considerations

Chapter 11: Ability Considerations


SECTION D: Develop Process for Leisure Education: How do we teach?

Chapter 12: Systematic Programming

Chapter 13: Teaching Techniques

Chapter 14: Processing Strategies


SECTION E: Review Specific Leisure Education Programs: What are some examples?

Program 1: Appreciate Leisure

Program 2: Be Aware of Leisure

Program 3: Be Self-Determined in Leisure

Program 4: Interact Socially During Leisure

Program 5: Use Resources Facilitating Leisure

Program 6: Make Decisions About Leisure

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