Creating Special Events, 2nd ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-730-3

Author(s): Lee J. deLisle

Copyright year: 2014

Edition: 2nd

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 313

Creating Special Events is designed to help prepare students to plan, organize, and direct special events and festivals. This book includes a look at the evolution and history of special events and explains the skills and processes needed to implement them.

This nuts-and-bolts approach details the methods to achieve specific goals and objectives in event planning from concept to completion. This second edition includes updates on technology, includes new case studies, addresses major issues such as terrorism, and provides a new chapter on professional opportunities in event management.

In addition to teaching at the higher education level, the author has worked for 10 years as a director of parks and recreation. He has also served in professional organizations such as the NRPA Education Network and the Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association.

Section 1: Positioning Festivals in Community Life

Chapter 1: A Short, but Interesting, History of Festivals, Fairs, and Special Events

Chapter 2: Special Events = Community Benefits

Chapter 3: Strategic Planning


Section 2: Identifying and Managing Fiscal Resources

Chapter 4: Planning for a Positive Economic Impact

Chapter 5: Accounting and Budgeting

Chapter 6: The Nature of Sponsorship

Chapter 7: Marketing

Chapter 8: Risk Management


Section 3: Human Resource Management

Chapter 9: Organizational Culture: Staff and Volunteers

Chapter 10: Contractual Services – Entertainment and Special Services

Chapter 11: Customer Service and Satisfaction


Section 4: Physical Resources

Chapter 12: Site Planning and Selection

Chapter 13: Concessions: Bread and Circuses

Chapter 14: Event Safety: Traffic, Crowd, and Parking Strategies

Chapter 15: Technology


Section 5: Evaluation and Career Development

Chapter 16: Evaluation: The Path of Enlightenment

Chapter 17: Professional Opportunities

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