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An Introduction to Park Management, 4th ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-157167-793-8

Author(s): Samuel V. Lankford, Jill K. Lankford, Daniel A. Wheeler

Copyright year: 2017

Edition: 4th

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 388

The fourth edition of An Introduction to Park Management explores the responsibilities of staff and the problems and challenges associated with managing parks in the 21st century. With particular attention given to the structure of park organizations, planning, decision making, and politics that ultimately influence the way parks are managed, this book provides an overview of parks and park management.

It addresses the multitude of park administrative functions, such as organizational structures, park policies, laws and risk management, funding, and personnel. Further, it provides information on resource planning and management of the resources through citizen involvement, planning, facilities, and environmental management issues; overviews visitor use issues and protection of parks; and provides a broad overview and examples of sustainable practices in park management.

The authors have taught in higher education, conducted park and recreation master planning, and have instructed survival skills in activities courses, among other professional experiences.

This book is intended for students who may have an interest in becoming employed in the parks profession.

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: An Overview of Park Management


Part II: Management of Parks

Chapter 2: Organizational Structure

Chapter 3: Park Management Policies

Chapter 4: Recreation Law and Risk Management

Chapter 5: Funding and Budgetary Issues

Chapter 6: Personnel Management

Chapter 7: Maintenance and Safety


Part III: Resource Planning and Management

Chapter 8: Citizen Participation and Involvement

Chapter 9: Planning, Acquisition, and Development of Parks

Chapter 10: Park Facilities

Chapter 11: Environmental Management Issues


Part IV: Visitor Use Issues and Protection of Parks

Chapter 12: User Conflict Management

Chapter 13: Vandalism

Chapter 14: Law Enforcement

Chapter 15: Fire Management

Chapter 16: Interpretation

Chapter 17: Visitor Services


Part V: Sustainable Practices for Parks

Chapter 18: Sustainability

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