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Diversity and Inclusion in the Recreation Profession, 3rd ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-728-0

Author(s): Ingrid E. Schneider, B. Dana Kivel

Copyright year: 2016

Edition: 3rd

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 369

Diversity and Inclusion in the Recreation Profession explores the construct of diversity within the context of managing and providing recreation and leisure-related services. Using multiple perspectives and comprehensive research, this book highlight the influence of markers of diversity on the issues and problems perceived and/or experienced by diverse groups; the nature and types of institutional barriers that organizational professionals often unwittingly create in their response, or lack thereof, to diverse populations; and transformational opportunities, both individual and organizational, that result through enhanced commitment to organizational diversity and inclusion.

This edition features case studies of organizations successfully addressing diversity and inclusion; an expanded number of professional voices and their lived experiences with diversity as professionals in recreation, leisure, tourism, and sport organizations; and a new chapter on religion and spirituality as they relate to diversity, in addition to refreshed or completely new content chapters.

Both editors have taught at the higher education level. Schneider’s professional experience includes the service industry, the lodging sector, and as an outdoor recreation planner. Kivel cofounded and directed the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC). The contributors span a variety of professions from professor, public health nurse researcher and educator, museum director, social justice educator, to learning and development consultant at a library.

Chapter 1

Introduction: Diversity and Inclusion in Recreation, Leisure, and Tourism Organizations
Maria T. Allison, Ingrid E. Schneider, and B. Dana Kivel

Voices and Cases From the Field I

Chapter 2

Everything Counts
Tamara Johnson

A Case Study of Culturally Appropriate Conservation Education
David N. Bengston and Michele Schermann

The Latino Institute: An Equitable Recreation Program in the City of Phoenix
Ariel Rodríguez

Orlando Gay Days: Organizational Responses and Nonresponses
Greg B. C. Shaw

Managing People’s Park With All People in Mind Jeff Rose Ensuring Accessibility Mary Ann Devine

Chapter 3

Acting Our Age: The Relationship Between Age and Leisure
Valeria J. Freysinger

Chapter 4

“Just” Recreation: Gender Issues and Recreation, Leisure, and Sports Management  
Karla A. Henderson

Chapter 5

(De)constructing the “Other”: Working Beyond Heteronormative Assumptions of Leisure Identities
Stephen T. Lewis, Corey W. Johnson, and B. Dana Kivel

Chapter 6

Leisure and Social Class
Jeff Rose

Voices and Cases From the Field II

Chapter 7

Diversity: Learning to Appreciate Its Power
Deborah A. Getz

Women’s LEADherSHIP Workshop
Karla A. Henderson and Vonda Martin

The Needs of LGBTQ Campers: Camp Ten Trees
lore m. dickey

An Active Park Is a Safe Park: Addressing Crime in Urban Parks
Monika Stodolska

Going to the Pub: Reflections on Recreation Therapy and Community Reintegration
Jamie Hoffman

Chapter 8

Disability as Diversity
Mary Ann Devine

Chapter 9

Taking Critical Stances on Race and Ethnicity in Recreation and Tourism Management Organizations
Rasul A. Mowatt, Matthew D. Ostermeyer, and Myron F. Floyd

Chapter 10

Spiritual Diversity: Implications for Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Leisure Services
Paul Heintzman

Voices and Cases From the Field III

Chapter 11

“Nothing About Me Without Me”: Working in Partnership With Youth
Bina Lefkovitz

Diversity: A Personal and Professional Journey and Commitment
Rick Miller

Girls Swim Night Out
Linda Elmes Napoli and Ayanna Farrell

Inclusive Processes in Commemorating the United States–Dakota War of 1862
Daniel Spock

Evolving With the Times: Diversity Opportunities and Challenges in Minnesota’s Tourism Products and Marketing
Colleen Tollefson

DuSable Museum
Rasul A. Mowatt, Matthew D. Ostermeyer, and Myron F. Floyd

Chapter 12

Organizational Learning: An Approach to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion
Raintry J. Salk, Kenneth R. Bartlett, and Ingrid E. Schneider

Voices and Cases From the Field IV

Chapter 13

Diversity and Inclusion Training in Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism: Benefits and Opportunities
Leandra A. Bedini and Charlsena F. Stone

Customer Service in a Culturally Diverse World
Leslie Aguilar

Breaking Down Barriers: Inclusion of People With Disabilities Through Creative Strategies of Universal Design
Barbara A. Ceconi

Diversity: Elements of a Champion
Terri Palmberg

The Essence of Hospitality: Serving a Multicultural Multigenerational Marketplace
Gerald A. Fernandez

Chapter 14

Beyond Cultural Competence: Building Allies and Sharing Power in Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Settings
Paul Kivel and B. Dana Kivel

Chapter 15

Conclusion: Where Do We Go from Here?
B. Dana Kivel and Ingrid E. Schneider

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