Financial Resource Management, 3rd ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-941-3

Author(s): Russell E. Brayley, Daniel D. McLean

Copyright year: 2019

Edition: 3rd

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 306

Financial Resource Management, written with the needs of the sport, tourism, and leisure service manager in mind, explores important principles of economics and finance; the skills necessary for preparing, presenting, and managing budgets; and revenues for capital development and day-to-day operations. Discussions include examples from the real world and offer illustrations that facilitate the learning of some of the more complex or technical points.

Beyond higher education, the authors have worked in a variety of sport, tourism, and leisure settings in several different parts of the United States and Canada. They have served professional organizations such as the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association and the National Association of State Park Directors.

This book has been written with the needs of the sport, tourism, and leisure service manager in mind. It has been written for the mathematically challenged, for the pre-professional, for the professional who received on-the-job training, and for the professional who is keenly interested in and dedicated to continuous improvement.

About the Authors


Section A: Financial Management in Context

Chapter 1: Sector and Industry Comparisons

Chapter 2: Functions and Organization


Section B: Budgeting

Chapter 3: Budgeting Basics

Chapter 4: Budget Preparation

Chapter 5: Budget Formats

Chapter 6:  Budget Presentation


Section C: Accounting and Reporting

Chapter 7: Financial Status Reports

Chapter 8: Planning Reports


Section D: Revenue Generation

Chapter 9: Revenue Sources

Chapter 10: Pricing

Chapter 11: Revenue Management

Chapter 12: Grant-seeking
Chapter 13: Philanthropy and Fund-Raising

Chapter 14: Sponsorship


Section E: Investment

Chapter 15: Entrepreneurship

Chapter 16: Capital Budgeting

Chapter 17: Business Planning

Chapter 18: Economic Principles



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