Legal Concepts in Sport, 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-737-2

Author(s): Linda Jean Carpenter

Copyright year: 2014

Edition: 4th

Other Formats: Print

pages: 228

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Now in its fourth edition, Legal Concepts in Sport: A Primer continues to provide a unique, concise, up-to-date understanding of the legal concepts vital to teachers, coaches, sports administrators, and indeed all who work in any phase of sport and its related fields such as physical education, fitness, athletics, and recreation. 

Because it is concept based rather than case based, Legal Concepts in Sport: A Primer provides a breadth and depth of understanding of legal issues through the lens of sport that is accessible, entertaining, clear, and applicable in all settings. 

This fourth edition of Legal Concepts in Sport: A Primer introduces new, cutting-edge scenarios through which the reader can apply and review the legal concepts skillfully presented. Current “headline” contexts from bullying to unionization and licensing, hazing to pregame prayer and workers’ compensation, and waivers to federal anti-discrimination legislation invite the reader to evaluate and apply the legal concepts taught. 

If you are a teacher, coach, or administrator of a sport program, or a student preparing for one of these professions, this book was written for you!

Chapter 1: Our Legal System: The Basics

Chapter 2: The Structure of Our Legal System: How It Works

Chapter 3: The Concept of Legal Fault: "Who’s to Blame?"

Chapter 4: The Concept of Legal Obligation: "Why Me?"

Chapter 5: Negligence: "Oops!"

Chapter 6: Defusing Negligence Liability

Chapter 7: Intentional Tort: "I Meant to Do That"

Chapter 8: Contracts: "Put It in Writing"

Chapter 9: Contracts: Buying and Selling

Chapter 10: Contracts for Personal Services: Hiring and Firing

Chapter 11: Property Rights: "It’s Mine"

Chapter 12: Constitutional Protections: “I Have My Rights”

Chapter 13: Legal Concepts of Equity and Equality: "It’s Not Fair"

Chapter 14: Defusing Liability: Managing the Risks

Chapter 15: Concepts in Context: Evaluating Current Issues

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