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Leisure for Canadians, 2nd ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-93947-602-9

Author(s): Ron E. McCarville, Kelly MacKay

Copyright year: 2013

Edition: 2nd

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 398

Leisure for Canadians (2nd ed.) begins by offering definitions for leisure, recreation, and play and their respective roles in our society. Two themes recur throughout the book: the role of theory in helping us understand sport and leisure dynamics, and politics and power.

This book also describes how Canadians spend their spare time and explores the diversity within the Canadian social landscape. Moreover, it examines traditional approaches to leisure delivery and strategies for leisure delivery, as well as administrative topics such as program planning issues, human resource development, financing, and marketing efforts.

In addition to teaching at the higher education level, the editors have researched both participants in and providers of leisure service delivery.

Part I: Leisure in Canada

Section A: Understanding Leisure

Chapter 1: Defining Leisure

Chapter 2: Introduction to Play

Chapter 3: Sport and the Community

Chapter 4: Leisure’s Many Roles

Chapter 5: Leveraging Sport Events to Achieve Health and Economic Benefits

Chapter 6: Leisure Theory, Leisure Practice

Chapter 7: The Politics of Leisure


Section B: Canadians and Their Leisure

Chapter 8: Leisure Lifestyles

Chapter 9: Leisure Constraints

Chapter 10: Stressful Living and Leisure as a Meaningful Stress-Coping Pursuit

Chapter 11: Leisure and the Changing Workplace

Chapter 12: Leisure Travel

Chapter 13: Shopping as Leisure

Chapter 14: Consumer Behaviour in Sport

Chapter 15: Urban Recreation

Chapter 16: The Built Environment and Leisure Behaviour

Chapter 17: Leisure in Natural Settings

Chapter 18: Exploring Leisure’s Boundaries

Chapter 19: Sex, Sexuality, and Leisure


Section C: Leisure in a Diverse Canada

Chapter 20: Gender and Leisure

Chapter 21: Multicultural Perspectives

Chapter 22: Aboriginal Leisure in Canada

Chapter 23: Leisure in French Canada

Chapter 24: Leisure Across the Life Course

Chapter 25: Leisure and Disability

Chapter 26: Social Class, Poverty, and Leisure


Part II: Leisure Delivery in Canada

Section D: Traditional Leisure Delivery

Chapter 27: A History of Leisure Provision in Canada

Chapter 28: Private Sector Providers


Section E: Strategies for Leisure Delivery

Chapter 29: Models of Public Leisure Services Delivery

Chapter 30: Leisure Planning

Chapter 31: Mapping the Recreation and Leisure Landscape for Canadians With a Disability

Chapter 32: Community Development

Chapter 33: Leisure Education


Section F: Managing Leisure Services

Chapter 34: Program Planning and Program Evaluation: Practice and Principles

Chapter 35: People-Centred Management

Chapter 36: Marketing Recreation and Leisure Services

Chapter 37: Offering More Than Programs: Creating Solutions for Your Clients

Chapter 38: Financing Leisure Services I: Traditional and Emergent Funding Sources

Chapter 39: Financing Leisure Services II: Cost Control and Budgeting

Chapter 40: Volunteering in Canada

Chapter 41: Event Management

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