Pastimes, 7th ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9-781-57167-971-0

Author(s): Ruth V. Russell

Copyright year: 2020

Edition: 7th

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 288

Pastimes (7th ed.) introduces the phenomenon of leisure and reflects a wide range of material from the disciplines of leisure studies, sociology, psychology, economics, political science, history, anthropology, geography, the humanities, and media and cultural studies.

This book discusses leisure from personal, societal, and systems contexts, exploring topics such as leisure and health, and popular culture. Full of updated research and field-based examples in every chapter, this 7th edition also contains new photos and boxed material. Significant added features include separate chapters devoted to the humanities of leisure (theatre is added) and leisure history (more cultures and eras). Also, the chapter on theories of leisure has been expanded to include political science-based theories. The technology chapter is completely updated, and the chapter on leisure and equity now includes a discussion of immigrants.

The author has taught at the higher education level. She has also published numerous college-level textbooks, published research in leisure sciences in refereed journals, and lectured internationally.

Author(s): Ruth V. Russell

Part 1 – Leisure as a Condition of Being Human: Personal Context

Chapter 1 – The Humanities of Leisure

Chapter 2 – Why Leisure Is Vital

Chapter 3 – Leisure and Health

Chapter 4 – Defining and Explaining Leisure Behavior


Part 2 – Leisure as a Cultural Mirror: Societal Context 

Chapter 5 – Leisure in Past Societies

Chapter 6 – Leisure’s Anthropology

Chapter 7 – Leisure’s Geography

Chapter 8 – Popular Culture

Chapter 9 – Leisure and Technology

Chapter 10 – Taboo Recreation


Part 3 – Leisure as Instrument: Systems Context

Chapter 11 – The Work, Money, Leisure Tripartite

Chapter 12 – The Freedom and Tyranny of Time

Chapter 13 – Is Leisure Fair?

Chapter 14 – Leisure Systems

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