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Physical Education and Health

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-702-0

Author(s): Ming-Kai Chin, Christopher R. Edginton

Copyright year: 2014

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 579

Physical Education and Health: Global Perspectives and Best Practice draws together global scholars, researchers, and practitioners to provide a review and analysis of new directions in physical education and health worldwide.

The book provides descriptive information from 40 countries regarding contemporary practices, models, and challenges facing the physical education and health profession globally. Topics include a history of physical education, state of well-being of children and youth, practices and standards, curricular models, and visions for the future.

The editors have served at the higher education level. As well, they have cofounded the Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy and served as vice president of Global Affairs and Research for HOPSports.

Chapter 1: Physical Education and Health: Practices Around the World

Chapter 2: Physical Education in Sport-Obsessed Australia: Implementing Dimensions of Public Health and Sustainable Development

Chapter 3: Targeting Quality in Physical Education in Austria

Chapter 4: Physical Education Stimulating a Healthy Lifestyle and Critical Sports Consumption in Belgium

Chapter 5: Current State of Physical Education Practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chapter 6: Physical Education in Brazil: Trends and Practical Intervention

Chapter 7: Physical Education Practices in Bulgaria With a Focus on Young People’s Health

Chapter 8: The Relevance of Physical Literacy in the Development of Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy in Canada

Chapter 9: Health-Oriented Physical Education Reform in China: Challenges, Changes, and Consequences

Chapter 10: Trends and Future Visions of Physical Education: Croatian Challenges

Chapter 11: The Need to Implement Contemporary Approaches to Physical Education for Health Promotion in Cyprus

Chapter 12: Physical, Sports, and Health Education Against the Sedentary Lifestyles and Obesity in Czech Young People

Chapter 13: Embracing Change and Increasing Physical Activity in Finnish Schools

Chapter 14: Necessity of a Global Approach for the Interactions Between Physical Education and Health: The French Model

Chapter 15: Physical and Health Education in Germany: From School Sports to Local Networks for Healthy Children in Sound Communities

Chapter 16: Daily Physical Education From the Beginning to the Modern School System in Hungary

Chapter 17: Physical Education in Iraq: Religious Challenges and Ambitions

Chapter 18: “Moving Body”: The Impact of “Simplexity” and “Educational Corporeality” in Italy

Chapter 19: New Policy of School Physical Education and Sport in Japan

Chapter 20: Physical Education and Health in Jordanian Schools: Striving for a Healthy Nation

Chapter 21: Shaping the Future of Physical Education in Kenya: A Reflection on Priorities

Chapter 22: Innovative Concepts in Physical Education in Luxembourg

Chapter 23: Physical Education in Malaysia: Fusion of Public and Private Efforts

Chapter 24: Physical Education in Mexico: Experiences and Trends Related to Physical Activity and Health

Chapter 25: Physical Education on the Move in the Netherlands

Chapter 26: Mandate and Liberate: Physical Education and Health in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Chapter 27: Evolution of Best Practices in the Delivery of Quality Physical Education Programs in Nigeria

Chapter 28: Where Is Physical and Health Education Heading in Poland?

Chapter 29: Contemporary Trends in Health Promotion Through Physical Education: A Romanian Model

Chapter 30: New Technologies and Approaches in the Function of Health and Physical Education in Serbia

Chapter 31: The Physical Education Story: A Journey of Transformations in Singapore

Chapter 32: Health-Oriented School Physical Education in Slovakia: Desire or Reality?

Chapter 33: Physical Education in South Africa: A New Imperative for a New Nation

Chapter 34: Current Spanish Policies Aimed to Increase Youth Enrollment in Physical Activity for Health in School Settings

Chapter 35: Changing Perspectives on Physical Education in Sweden: Implementing Dimensions of Public Health and Sustainable Development

Chapter 36: Physical Education and Health in Switzerland: A Strategy for the Development of Physical Education and Sports in School

Chapter 37: Physical Education in Turkey in the Context of Society With the Culture of Movement

Chapter 38: Physical Education Practices in Ukraine: Transition From the Past to the Future

Chapter 39: Transforming Physical Education From an English Perspective 

Chapter 40: Physical Education Practices in the United States: Past, Present, and Future 

Chapter 41: Physical Education and Health in the Venezuelan Social Transformation Context


Appendix A: Endorsing Organizations 559

Appendix B: GoFPEP Consensus Statement

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