The Fuller Life Man

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-966-6

Author(s): Daniel L. Dustin, Keri A. Schwab

Copyright year: 2019

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 19

Throughout the 20th century, The Fuller Brush Man was a common sight along the sidewalks of America’s residential neighborhoods. Going door to door, The Fuller Brush Man sold dependable household cleaning products to stay-at-home moms. The Fuller Brush Man was known for his enthusiasm and the quality of his wares. Respecting his customer’s time, The Fuller Brush Man made his good-natured pitch quickly, took down whatever orders came his way, and departed with a “Good day” and tip of the hat.

Our story is about The Fuller Brush Man’s 21st century counterpart. We call him “The Fuller Life Man.” He, too, has a congenial nature and something to sell. But unlike The Fuller Brush Man, The Fuller Life Man is not trying to sell you something that costs money. He is trying to sell you a new way of life.

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