The Wilderness Within, 6th Ed.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9781952815553

Author(s): Daniel L. Dustin

Copyright year: 2022

Edition: 6th

Other Format: eBook

Pages: 474

In his wonderful little book, A Guide for the Perplexed, E. F. Schumacher organizes the ways we come to know the world around us into Four Fields of Knowledge. The First Field consists of our own feelings, feelings that cannot be experienced directly by anyone but us. The Second Field consists of the feelings of others, feelings that we cannot experience directly. The Third Field consists of our own appearance, an appearance visible to everyone but ourselves. Finally, the Fourth Field consists of the appearances of others, appearances visible to all but those who display them.

While wisdom about the world is derived from learning in all Four Fields of Knowledge, Schumacher reasons that knowledge about the First Field, or self-knowledge, is a precondition to everything else. How can we empathize with the feelings of others (Field Two) if we have not examined our own feelings? How can we interpret how others see us (Field Three) if we have no sense of ourselves? And how can we begin to understand the larger exterior world (Field Four) until we come to grips with our own interior one?

Most of the essays in this book are explorations in the First Field of Knowledge. They are about me from my perspective. They are about journeys I have taken to places “out there,” to the exterior world of mountains, forests, deserts, and tundra. But in a more important sense they are about journeys I have taken “in here,” in my interior world, a world invisible to you. Indeed, the fact that you cannot see what is going on inside my head is what compels me to write in the first place. I want to share with you what it is like to be me. But I also write from the conviction that in coming to know me better you will come to know yourself better as well.

I have added 26 essays to this sixth edition: five were written during my California years (“Leisure’s Role in Expanding Psychic Income,” “Managing Public Lands for the Human Spirit,” “With Only the Howl of a Timber Wolf,” “President’s Remarks,” and “Where Have You Gone, Charles Brightbill?”); six were written during my Florida  years (“50 Years of Stewardship: The Ongoing Struggle to Preserve Everglades National Park”; “The Curious History of Dry Tortugas National Park”; “In the Company of Birds”; “Wide Open Spaces”; “Collaborative Conflict Resolution at Devils Tower National Monument”; and “Ban Snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park: Why It’s the Right Thing to Do”); and four were written during my Utah years (“The National Parks: America’s Best Idea?”; “Thermus Aquaticus and You“; “Cry Me a River: The Healing Power of Moving Water”; and “Life as Synecdoche: Ansel Adams and the Expanding Liberal Democratic Tradition”). I also added nine essays to the Postscript (“The Is, the Ought, and the In Between: A Professor’s Life”; “A  Model Professor”; “A ‘Little Engine that Could’”; “A Man Learning to Sing”; “Writing Scholarly Personal  Narratives”; “The Matter of Authorship”; “The Downside of a Higher Education”; “Serving the Better Angels of Our Nature”; and “The Beach Boys in Concert”). Finally, I added two essays to the Synthesis (“Citizenship in the Age of Ecology” and “The Work We Do”). The 87 essays reflect what I was thinking and learning as I journeyed down my 43-year career path.

Part One—The California Years

1 In Search of Rescue

2 The World According to Gorp

3 The Myth of Comfort

4 The Wilderness Within: Reflections on a 100-Mile Run

5 Inside, Outside, Upside Down: The Grand Canyon as a Learning Laboratory

6 Recreational Usufruct Rights

7 The Incident at “New” Army Pass

8 Recreational Ethics in a World of Limits

9 Leisure’s Role in Expanding Psychic Income

10 The Barrenlands

11 Fly-Fishing with B. L. Driver

12 Managing Public Lands for the Human Spirit 

13 To Feed or Not Feed the Bears: The Moral Choices We Make

14 Coyote Gulch

15 With Only the Howl of a Timber Wolf

16 Looking Inward to Save the Outdoors

17 Back in the USSR

18 Peace, Leisure, and Recreation

19 Soldier Lake

20 Leave It to Beaver

21 Betting on Big Bertha

22 Time for Pool: The Surprising Way

23 Easy Street

24 Peggy Sue’s Diner

Part Two—The Florida Years

25 50 Years of Stewardship: The Ongoing Struggle to Preserve 
Everglades National Park

26 Fakahatchee Strand

27 Buffalo Tiger’s Dilemma

28 The Curious History of Dry Tortugas National Park

29 In the Company of Birds

30 Wasting Away in Boca Grande

31 Confessions of a Technological Resistance Fighter

32 The Professor Who Mistook His Life for a Stat

33 Land as Legacy

34 Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument: The Politics of 
Environmental Preservation

35 A Leopoldian Success Story: Mojave National Preserve

36 I’m Back in the Saddle Again

37 Remembering Manzanar

38 Is This Heaven?

39 Free Spirit

40 Saturday Night at the Lazy “B” Bar and Café

41 Wilderness and Everyday Life

42 Wide Open Spaces

43 Collaborative Conflict Resolution at Devils Tower National Monument

44 Ban Snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park: Why It’s the Right 
Thing To Do

45 Mapping the Geography of Hope

46 Were You Ever Out in the Great Alone?


Part III—The Utah Years

47 Westward Ho!

48 Hey Diddle Diddle

49 The Basketmakers

50 The National Parks: America’s Best Idea?

51 Writing People Back Into Wilderness

52 Thermus Aquaticus and You

53 Gates of Lodore

54 Cry Me a River: The Healing Power of Moving Water

55 Lunch with Hayduke

56 Desolation Sound

57 A Walk in the Park

58 Sky Pilot

59 Fishing Off the Dock of the Bay

60 Friendship

61 Antidote to Despair

62 Life as Synecdoche: Ansel Adams and the Expanding Liberal 
Democratic Tradition

Postscript—My Life in Higher Education

63 Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

64 President’s Remarks

65 The Is, the Ought, and the In Between: A Professor’s Life

66 Where Have You Gone, Charles Brightbill?

67 A Model Professor

68 Joe Arave

69 A “Little Engine that Could”

70 Professor Dog

71 A Man Learning to Sing

72 Ariadne’s Thread

73 In Defense of Not Knowing

74 Mark Twain on Darkness and Lightness in Social Science

75 Writing Scholarly Personal Narratives

76 The Matter of Authorship

77 The Downside of a Higher Education

78 On Penmanship

79 Writing My Own Ending

80 Serving the Better Angels of Our Nature

81 The Beach Boys in Concert


82 Like Light Passing through a Prism

83 Gardening as a Subversive Activity

84 The Power of Possibility

85 Democracy Is a Verb

86 Citizenship in the Age of Ecology

87 The Work We Do

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