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Youth Development

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-690-0

Author(s): Rick Miller

Copyright year: 2012

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 170

Since 1968 I have been fully committed and engaged in youth development, trying to better understand why some children do well in life and others struggle.

Equal to that question was an effort to determine why some children who face many of life’s greatest adversities are able to overcome great risks and experience success. Those questions guided and sustained my curiosity and enthusiasm about the development of our youth.

This book outlines the remarkable body of work, conclusions, principles, and practices found to dramatically help all young people achieve productive and satisfying lives. Be prepared—it may be much simpler than you would expect.

1 Changing Conventional Wisdom
2 Remembering the Pygmalion Effect
3 Universal Truth I: Missions Versus Beliefs
4 Testing Our Beliefs by Checking Our Blood Pressure
5 Universal Truth II: The Aces
6 Stories of Aces
7 Universal Truth III: Mental Time Travel
8 The Framework: From Bureaucracy to Culture and Back Again
9 The Strategic Framework in Action
10 Are You a Treasure Hunter?
11 Top Five Practice #1 Believed and Practiced Here
12 Top Five Practice #2 The Pledge: Power of Self-Talk
13 Top Five Practice #3 The Report Card
14 Top Five Practice #4 Passport to the Future
15 Top Five Practice #5 Tracking Aces
16 Where's the Village?
17 Happiest Place on Earth
18 Culture Scan: Asking the Right Questions
19 The Anne Fox Elementary School Miracle
20 What We Know, What We've Learned
21 A Thought From Professor Einstein
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