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Leisure Matters - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-829-4

Author(s): Gordon J. Walker, David Scott, Monika Stodolska

Copyright year: 2016

Edition: 3rd (first and second edition have different titles)

Other Formats: Print

pages: 366

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Leisure Matters: The State and Future of Leisure Studies provides an up-to-date look at the state of leisure studies and goes further by speculating on the future of leisure studies.

This book explores leisure through disciplinary, cognate, and international perspectives. As well, it examines leisure by antecedents and style, diverse populations, time and technology, and place and community. This book also discusses the delivery of leisure and debates leisure.

The editors and contributors have backgrounds in higher education. They have also served professional organizations such as the Academy of Leisure Sciences, the International Ecotourism Society, the Society for Cross-Cultural Research, the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies, and the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration.

Section 1: Exploring Leisure

Chapter 1: Anthropology and Leisure

Chapter 2: Leisure at the Biological Level

Chapter 3: Economic Decision Making in Leisure and Recreation

Chapter 4: History of Leisure

Chapter 5: Philosophy of Leisure Studies

Chapter 6: Psychology of Leisure, Positive Psychology, and “Psychologizing” Leisure

Chapter 7: Rethinking Sociological Leisure Studies for the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 8: Leisure, Health, and Physical Activity

Chapter 9: Leisure and Religion/Spirituality

Chapter 10: Sport as a Leisure Behavior

Chapter 11: Tourism

Chapter 12: Leisure in Africa

Chapter 13: Leisure in Australia and New Zealand

Chapter 14: Leisure in East Asia

Chapter 15: Loisir San Frontiers? Leisure in Europe

Chapter 16: Leisure in Latin America


Section 2: Experiencing Leisure

Chapter 17: Leisure, Needs, and Motivations

Chapter 18: Leisure Constraints and Negotiation: Highlights From the Journey Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 19: Leisure and Intensity of Participation

Chapter 20: From Purple Roots to Dark, Sexy, and Diverse: The Past, Present, and Future of Deviant Leisure

Chapter 21: Youth and Leisure

Chapter 22: Family and Leisure

Chapter 23: Leisure and Aging (Well)

Chapter 24: The Relational Politics of Gender and Leisure

Chapter 25: More Equitable Moments: The Changing Nature of Leisure for the LGBQ Community

Chapter 26: Leisure and People With Disabilities

Chapter 27: How Does Leisure Studies Respond to the Needs and Requests of Indigenous People?

Chapter 28: Leisure, Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Chapter 29: Trends in Time for Leisure

Chapter 30: The Roles Technology Plays in Twenty-First Century Leisure

Chapter 31: Place and Leisure

Chapter 32: Leveraging Leisure-Based Community Networks to Access Social Capital


Section 3: Delivering Leisure

Chapter 33: Public Policy and Planning Frameworks

Chapter 34: Marketing Public Leisure Services: Key Concepts, Approaches, and Emerging Trends

Chapter 35: Contemporary Views of Management and Leadership in Leisure Studies


Section 4: Debating Leisure

Chapter 36: Metatheorizing Leisure Theory

Chapter 37: Qualitative Inquiry in Leisure Studies

Chapter 38: Experimental Designs in Leisure Studies

Chapter 39: Leisure and the Academy: Curricula and Scholarship in Higher Education

Chapter 40: Celebrating Leisure Studies: Onward, Outward, and Upward

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