Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Recreation Profession, 4th ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-539-3

Author(s): Ingrid E. Schneider, B. Dana Kivel

Copyright year: 2022

Edition: 4th

Other Formats: Print

pages: 295

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Recreation Profession (4th ed.) uniquely addresses foundational knowledge, the latest research, and lived experiences related to equitable and inclusive organizational management. Using multiple contemporary perspectives and comprehensive research, this book addresses various diversity markers and their influence on how leisure is experienced across inclusive and exclusive organizations. Toward equitable organizational practices and just recreation, the book provides opportunities to assess, improve, and transform organizations with enhanced awareness and commitment to equity and inclusion.

This new edition features attention to equity, shares new chapters on gender and transgender service provision, highlights several new lived experiences, as well as new cases illustrating collaboration with tribal nations and inclusive event, sport, and outdoor programming. All chapters have been refreshed or present completely new content.

Chapter 1–Introduction: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Recreation, Leisure, and Tourism Organizations

Maria T. Allison, Ingrid E. Schneider, and B. Dana Kivel

Chapter 2–Voices and Cases From the Field I

Everything Counts

Tamara Johnson

Acceptance for All

Jameel Jones

A Case Study of Culturally Appropriate Conservation Education

David N. Bengston and Michele Schermann

Orlando Gay Days: Organizational Responses and Nonresponses

Greg Shaw

People’s Park: A History of Politics, Homelessness, and Inclusion

Jeff Rose

Increasing Participation in a Changing Population: How Minnesota Is Helping Residents Say “I Can Camp!”

Elena Tsakakis and Eric Pelto

Chapter 3–Disability as Diversity               

Mary Ann Devine

Chapter 4–From #Gamergate to #Feminism Gender and Leisure

Callie Schultz, Janet McKeown, and Luc S. Cousineau

Chapter 5–Contesting Compulsory Heterosexuality: Creating Inclusive  Practices for 2SLGBTQ Participants

Fenton Litwiller, Linda Oakleaf, and Corey Johnson

Chapter 6–Transgender Visibility and Inclusive Leisure Services

Fenton Litwiller, Corey Johnson, and Linda Oakleaf

Chapter 7–Leisure and Social Class

Jeff Rose

Chapter 8–Voices and Cases From the Field II

A Decade of LeadHERship

Charlynne T Smith and Vonda Martin

Serving the Needs of LGBTQ Campers: Camp Ten Trees

lore dickey

An Active Park is a Safe Park: Addressing Crime in Urban Parks

Monika Stodolska

Going to the Pub: Is It Taboo or a Therapeutic Intervention?

Jamie Hoffman

Challenging the Status Quo Through Social Media: Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Josh Medeiros

Mentors Make a Difference

Michael Hernandez

Chapter 9–Acting Our Age: The Relationship Between Age and Leisure

Valeria J. Freysinger and Olivia McAnirlin

Chapter 10–Taking Critical Stances on Race and Ethnicity in Recreation and Tourism Management Organizations

Rasul A. Mowatt, Matthew D. Ostermeyer, and Myron F. Floyd

Chapter 11–Spiritual Diversity: Implications for Parks, Recreation, Tourism,  and Leisure Services

Paul Heintzman

Chapter 12–Voices and Cases From the Field III

“Nothing About Me Without Me”: Working in Partnership With Youth

Bina Lefkowitz

Diversity: A Personal and Professional Journey and Commitment Navigated by the Why

Rick Miller

Girls Swim Night Out

Ayana Farrell and Linda Napoli

Inclusive Processes in Commemorating the United States–Dakota War of 1862

Dan Spock

Creating Equitable, Inclusive Access to Recreation and Sports for People With Disabilities: Rochester Accessible Adventures

Anita O’Brien

DuSable Museum Case Study

Rasul Mowatt, Matthew D. Ostermeyer, and Myron F. Floyd

Chapter 13–Organizational Learning: A Strategic Approach to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion

Raintry J. Salk, Kenneth R. Bartlett, Ingrid E. Schneider, and Ying Feng

Chapter 14–Voices and Cases From the Field IV

Diversity: Elements of a Champion

Terri Palmberg

Breaking Down Barriers: Inclusion of People With Disabilities Through Creative Strategies of Universal Design

Barbara A. Ceconi

The Essence of Hospitality: Serving a Multicultural Multigenerational Marketplace

Gerald A. Fernandez

U.S. Forest Service Building Partnerships With American Indian Tribes

Michael Dockry

Because There's Nothing Straight About Nature: Queer Connections to the Natural World

Elyse Rylander

Apna Hockey and the Growth of Ethnically Specific Sport Spaces

Courtney Szto

Chapter 15–Beyond Cultural Competence: Building Allies and Sharing Power in Leisure Services

Paul Kivel and B. Dana Kivel

Chapter 16–Next Steps on the Journey Toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

B. Dana Kivel and Ingrid E. Schneider

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