A Social Psychology of Leisure, 3rd ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-939-0

Author(s): Gordon J. Walker, Douglas A. Kleiber, Roger C. Mannell

Copyright year: 2019

Edition: 3rd

Other Formats: Print

pages: 472

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The social psychology of leisure has long been, and still remains, a prominent perspective for understanding the role and impact of leisure in people’s lives. It is a dynamic field influenced by researchers in leisure studies and theories and research in, among others, the fields of social, personality, developmental, and positive psychology. 

A Social Psychology of Leisure serves as a textbook for undergraduate students taking a course in the psychological and social aspects of leisure and recreation. It also provides a comprehensive introduction for graduate students who have not taken a course in this area.

Finally, especially as it has incorporated reference to newer literature, this edition serves as a source-book for leisure researchers in providing context and even direction when conducting studies that employ a social psychological approach.

Many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in this area have provided a testing ground for much of the material and the methods of presentation that appear in this book. Consequently, the authors have tried to maximize the clarity and interest level of the text. Many concrete examples are used, and where appropriate, topics are introduced through the use of scenarios highlighting various types of leisure behavior for students to analyze. A Social Psychology of Leisure demonstrates the relevance, excitement, and methods of social psychological leisure research.

Gordon J. Walker, Douglas A. Kleiber, Roger C. Mannell

Section One: The Nature of Social Psychology

Chapter 1: Understanding Leisure with Social Psychology

Chapter 2: The Social Psychology of Leisure: Story of a Growing Field of Study

Section Two: Social Psychology of Leisure Essentials

Chapter 3: Social Psychological Approaches for Studying Leisure

Chapter 4: Leisure Experience

Chapter 5: Leisure Needs

Chapter 6: Leisure Motivations

Section Three: Factors Influencing Leisure Behavior and Experience

Chapter 7: Personality and Attitude as Personal Influences on Leisure Behavior and Experience

Chapter 8: Social Influence in the Creation of Leisure

Chapter 9: Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and Leisure

Section Four: Identifying and Cultivating the Best of Leisure

Chapter 10: Impacts of Leisure Experience in Childhood and Adolescence

Chapter 11: Impacts of Leisure Experience in Adulthood and Later Life

Chapter 12: Optimizing Leisure Outcomes

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