Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation, 3rd ed. - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-823-2

Author(s): John Dattilo, Alexis McKenney

Copyright year: 2016

Edition: 3rd

Other Formats: Print

pages: 708

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The third edition of Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation was written to be a resource for TR professionals and students so that they can gain insight into some of the facilitation techniques used by TR specialists.

The facilitation techniques provided in this edition are not intended to be comprehensive; rather, we attempt to present those techniques that many of the authors implemented while delivering TR services.

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Age of Enlightenment for Therapeutic Recreation by John Dattilo 


Section A: Physical Activity and Fitness 

Chapter 2: Adventure Therapy by Diane Groff 

Chapter 3: Aquatic Therapy by Ellen Broach 

Chapter 4: Therapeutic Use of Exercise by Ellen Broach 

Chapter 5: Therapeutic Use of Sports by Alexis McKenney and Brent Wolfe 

Chapter 6: Therapeutic Use of Sailing by Cari Autry and Stephen Anderson 


Section B: Emotional Expression and Control 

Chapter 7: Anger Management by Alexis McKenney 

Chapter 8: Expressive Arts as Therapeutic Media by Mary Ann Devine 

Chapter 9: Moral Development Discussions by Alexis McKenney 

Chapter 10: Therapeutic Use of Humor by Susan Mathieu and Richard Williams 

Chapter 11: Values Clarification by Alexis McKenney 


Section C: Cognitive Stimulation and Well-Being 

Chapter 12: Mindfulness by Cynthia Carruthers and Colleen Hood 

Chapter 13: Stress Management by Martha M. Barantovich and John Dattilo 

Chapter 14: Therapeutic Reminiscence by Alexis McKenney, Lourdes Martinez-Cox, and John Dattilo 

Chapter 15: Therapeutic Use of Magic by Leandra A. Bedini 

Chapter 16: Therapeutic Massage by John Dattilo and Sarah Brownlee 

Chapter 17: Therapeutic Use of Tai Chi by John Dattilo 


Section D: Educational and Adaptation Strategies 

Chapter 18: Assistive Technology by Ellen Broach and John Dattilo 

Chapter 19: Leisure Education by John Dattilo 

Chapter 20: Therapeutic Use of Animals by Brent Wolfe, Alexis McKenney, and Stephanie Marsden 

Chapter 21: Therapeutic Horseback Riding by Sara Tosado and Lauren Alfonso 

Chapter 22: Therapeutic Use of Play by John Dattilo and Moji Shahvali

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