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Israeli Life and Leisure in the 21st Century - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-57167-769-3

Author(s): Michael J. and Sara F. Leitner

Copyright year: 2014

Edition: 1st

pages: 458

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Israeli Life and Leisure in the 21st Century provides an overview of life in Israel today, leisure education, challenges, and changes that have taken place. This book looks at the unique and innovative aspects of leisure in Israel. It also explores various programs and activities that are offered in Israel that promote peace. Another topic is the various groups including populations such as special needs, immigrants, gay and lesbian, the aging, Ultra-Orthodox, and the Arab Sector. It discusses leisure service provision in Israel, exploring topics such as national parks and nature reserves, sustainability, and municipal leisure services. To conclude, the book delves into research on topics including happiness, extreme sports, family vacations, and multicultural perspectives.

The editors have taught at the higher education level. They have published many articles on recreation and aging. They have also researched recreational coexistence programs in Israel with Jewish and Arab Israelis and Palestinians and Israelis.

Intended target audiences for this book include the general public in the United States, Israel, and other countries; modern Israel and Jewish studies students at universities and colleges; students in study abroad programs at Israeli universities; students in recreation and leisure studies departments offering courses on international aspects of leisure; students in Middle Eastern studies programs at universities and colleges; graduate and undergraduate courses on leisure at universities in Israel; and students in religious schools and Jewish day schools.

PART I: Understanding Israel Today

Chapter 1: Introduction to Israeli Life and Leisure

Chapter 2: Orientation to Life in Israel Today

Chapter 3: Leisure Education: The Israeli Model


PART II: Unique Aspects of Life and Leisure in Israel Today

Chapter 4: “Secret” Leisure Gems in Israel

Chapter 5: Kibbutz Leisure and Life

Chapter 6: Israel’s Best Kept Secret: The Moshav

Chapter 7: Israeli Folk Dance: The Markid’s Perspective

Chapter 8: The Holistic Solution: Israeli Folk Dance Circles (Harkadote)

Chapter 9: The Academic College at the Wingate Institute: A Unique Campus and Institution

Chapter 10: The Story of Israel Tennis Centers (ITC): From Dream to Reality

Chapter 11: Everyone Is Walking (in Israel)!

Chapter 12: Basketball With Love in Israel: Promoting Fun and Fitness for Adults and Kids Through Sports

Chapter 13: Chess in Israel: The Jewish Game Returns Home

Chapter 14: A Wedding in Israel

Chapter 15: Food and Wine Tourism in Israel

Chapter 16: Food in Israel Today: A Leisurely Revolution

Chapter 17: Beer and Leisure in Israel

Chapter 18: Tel Aviv’s Wine Bar Scene

Chapter 19: My Bedouin Neighbors: A Jewish Israeli’s View of Life Among the Bedouin in the Desert 

Chapter 20: The Role of Leisure in Coping With Rocket Fire in the City of Sderot

Chapter 21: Volunteering in Israel


PART III: Promoting Peace Through Recreational Peace Programs

Chapter 22: Recreation Programs for Promoting Peace in Israel: An Overview

Chapter 23: Peace Education Through Sport at the Peres Center for Peace

Chapter 24: Mifalot:  Soccer for Social Change

Chapter 25: The Friendship Games 

Chapter 26: Peace Players International - Middle East (PPI - ME) 

Chapter 27: Ultimate Peace  

Chapter 28: Ice Hockey for Peace  

Chapter 29: Twinned Kindergarten Program


PART IV: Diversity in Leisure in Israel

Chapter 30: Leisure Culture in Arab Society in Israel

Chapter 31: Bedouin Entertainment

Chapter 32: Civic Service of Arab Young Women: The Case of Mifalot

Chapter 33: Physical Activity Patterns Among FSU and Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel: A Comparative Analysis

Chapter 34: Leisure and Life of the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel

Chapter 35: Recreational Programs for Populations With Special Needs in Israel

Chapter 36: Integrating the Other: Special Needs Scout Integration Program in Israel

Chapter 37: Calculating Hedonism Among Israeli Gay Men

Chapter 38: Incredibly Diverse, Truly Challenged: Older Israelis and Leisure


PART V: Leisure Services Provision in Israel

Chapter 39: Social Clubs for the Elderly in Israel: Unique Places for Leisure

Chapter 40: Natural Heritage: Leisure Services in Israel’s National Parks, Forests, and Nature Reserves

Chapter 41: Sustainable Tourism in Israel

Chapter 42: The Rural Accommodations Phenomenon in Israel

Chapter 43: Community Recreation Services in Tel Aviv – Jaffa 339


PART VI: Research on Leisure in Israel

Chapter 44: Trends in Leisure-Time Physical Activity Among Jewish Israelis, 2007–2012

Chapter 45: Extreme Sports in Israel

Chapter 46: Women and Israeli Sport Organizations 

Chapter 47: Representations of Leisure in Israeli Films 

Chapter 48: The Israeli Family Vacation

Chapter 49: Far Away From Paradise? Working in the Tourism Industry of Eilat

Chapter 50: A Multicultural Concept of Leisure in 21st Century Israel: Jewish Tradition and Modernity

Chapter 51: Leisure Patterns After Age 60 Among Former Kibbutz Members

Chapter 52: A Philosophical View of Leisure and Happiness in Israel

Chapter 53: Coping With Stress and Alienation via Leisure Pursuits in Israel

Chapter 54: Overview and Concluding Remarks

Chapter 55: Epilogue: Israeli Leisure and Life Under Rocket Fire

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