Adventure Programming and Travel for the 21st Century

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-93947-604-3

Author(s): Rosemary Black, Kelly Bricker

Copyright year: 2015

Edition: 1st

Other Formats: eBook

pages: 530

An introduction to adventure programming, Adventure Programming and Travel for the 21st Century discusses hot topics such as climate change, risk management, technology, sustainability, and conservation—issues that are confronting the world in new and challenging ways. The book links the adventure profession to the environmental and sustainability fields of study and suggests a forward-thinking approach to the adventure profession from a range of perspectives, using key chapters and detailed case studies.

The wealth of knowledge of the editors and contributors extends from higher education into areas such as government recreation, adventure travel, sport tourism, environmental interpretation, and more. They serve in professional organizations such as NOLS, Outward Bound, the Institute for Outdoor Learning, and World Expeditions.

Designed for undergraduates, graduate students, and practitioners, this book is also intended for the adventure specialist who has responsibility for planning and managing adventure travel and programming products and services with consideration of group dynamics, finance, dimensions of sustainability, human resources, ethics, risk management, marketing, and technology.

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Adventure Programming and Travel for the 21st Century
Rosemary Black and Kelly Bricker 

Case Study 1-1 Changing Landscapes: Trends in North American Adventure Programming
Andrew J. Bobilya, Tom Holman, Betsy Lindley, and Leo H. McAvoy 

Case Study 1-2 Adventure Programming in Asia: The Case of Singapore
Michael Gassner and Abdul Kahlid 

Case Study 1-3 The Evolution of Adventure Tourism in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Current Trends & Future Issues Susan Houge Mackenzie 





Chapter 2 Programming for Place-Responsiveness: Enhancing Adventure Learning and Outdoor Travel
Brian Wattchow and Mike Brown 

Case Study 2-1 Adventure Travel and Transition of Place: The Case of Moab, Utah
Jeremy Schultz


Chapter 3 Parks and Protected Areas: A Platform for Adventure Activities
Matthew Brownlee 

Case Study 3-1 Permits, Licences, Leases, and Concessions for Adventure Tourism in National Parks
Paul Eagles and Maria Legault 


Chapter 4 Artificial Settings for Adventure
Aram Attarian 

Case Study 4-1 Rockreation—Turning Passion to Business and Back Again
Jeff Clapp





Chapter 5 Outdoor Recreation in the 21st Century
Todd Miner 

Case Study 5-1 Cultivating and Recalling African American Connections to the Outdoors
Rue Mapp 

Case Study 5-2 Redefining Boundaries: Building Outdoor Programs with Cross Campus Appeal
Greg Corio and Emily Hughes

Case Study 5-3 Beyond Elimination: The Survival of U-EXPLORE
John Cederquist

Case Study 5-4 Goin’ to Peru! Challenges and Issues of International Service-Learning Programs
Mary Breunig and Samantha Dear 


Chapter 6 Adventure Education
Geneviève Marchand and Sarah Banks 

Case Study 6-1 The Arctic Nature Guide Program at 78° North
Arild Rokenes and Sigmund Andersen

Case Study 6-2 S.U.R.G.E Journeys—Knowledge Translated into Action!
Bob Blair, Brian Kunz, Bob Nolte

Case Study 6-3 Embedding Outdoor and Adventure Education across a State Education System: A Case Study of the Residential Outdoor Schools Association, Victoria, Australia Steve McMurtrie

Case Study 6-4 High Adventure in the Florida Keys: The Florida National High Adventure Sea Base Stuart Cottrell 

Case Study 6-5 Your Backyard, The Final Frontier: Considering Adventure Education through an Indigenous Lens Gregory Lowan-Trudeau 

Case Study 6-6 Outward Bound: Changing Lives through Challenge and Discovery
Jackson Wilson 


Chapter 7 Commercial Adventure Travel: Business at the Intersection of Nature and Commerce
Christina Beckmann

Case Study 7-1 A Case Study on Women and Adventure—“life is either a daring adventure or nothing”— The Lure of Adventure Travel for Women 

Tonia Gray and Carol Birrell

Case Study 7-2 The Adventure Travel Trade Association: Growing and Professionalizing the Responsible Adventure Tourism Industry

             Shannon Stowell 

              Case Study 7-3 A River Running History: Finding O.A.R.S. 

             George Wendt 


Chapter 8 Adventure Therapy
Nevin J. Harper, Luk Peeters, and Cathryn Carpenter 

Case Study 8-1 Bush-Based Adventure Therapy: Practice and Praxis
Paul Stolz 

Case Study 8-2 Adventure Therapy and Eating Disorders: A Case Study
Kaye Richards and Barbara Smith


Chapter 9 Adventure Recreation Programming and Tourism Opportunities: Bringing Together Consumer Demands and Supplier Understandings for People with Disabilities 

Ian Patterson, Simon Darcy, and Shane Pegg

Case Study 9-1 The National Ability Center: Empowering Individuals to Participate in Sport, Recreation, and Outdoor Activities 

             National Ability Center

Case Study 9-2 Dying to Make the Team: A Case Study Examining the Benefits for Athletic Teams in Using Team-Building Activities in Place of Traditional Hazing 

            Jay Johnson 


Chapter 10 Corporate Adventure Experiences
Maureen Dougherty 

Case Study 10-1 Corporate Adventure Training in Pakistan
Abdul Samad Khan


Chapter 11 Making Adventures Work: Balancing Group Dynamics, Communication, and Group Management Processes for Successful Experiences 

Jeremy Jostad and Jeff Rose

Case Study 11-1 An Examination of Role Emergence among Group Members during a Wilderness Medical Emergency 

Kay Tufts, Bruce Martin, Laura Black, and Andrew Szolosi

             Case Study 11-2 Rapid Development: A Case in Group Process and Leadership 

            Elizabeth Andre 


Chapter 12 Embracing Intentionality in Adventure Programming: The Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Adventure Experiences 

Matthew Duerden and Kara Norton

Case Study 12-1 Military Teen Adventure Camps: When Design Does Not Mirror Implementation 

             Andrew Szolosi, Danny Twilley, and Bruce Martin

Case Study 12-2 Program Design in Residential Outdoor Schools: A Case Study from Victoria, Australia 

            Steve McMurtrie

Case Study 12-3 Autonomous Student Experiences: Are They Too Risky for Today’s Outdoor Adventure Program? 

             Andrew J. Bobilya, Brad Daniel, and Kenneth R. Kalisch


Chapter 13 Management of Adventure Programming and Travel
Patrick Tierney 

Case Study 13-1 Beyond Labor: The Emotional Lifestyle of Rafting Guides
Sandro Carnicelli-Filho 


Chapter 14 Financial Management and Marketing of Adventure Programs and Businesses
Patrick Tierney 

Case Study 14-1 Branding the Outdoor Experience: Reflections and Approaches from an Adventure Entrepreneur Bob Blair 





Chapter 15 Ethics in Adventure Leadership
Adam Gohn and Tom Holman

Case Study 15-1 Outdoor Education for Right Relation
Alexa Scully 

Case Study 15-2 Ethics and Leadership in Hawaii
Joshua Carroll 


Chapter 16 Adventure Programming and Travel for the 21st Century: An Inherently Risky Business
Daniel Dustin, Nathan Bricker, and Leo McAvoy 

Case Study 16-1 A Public Health Approach to Injury Prevention in Commercial Adventure Tourism Activities: A River Tubing Case Study

Damian Morgan


Chapter 17 Technology in Adventure Programming
Nate Furman and Andrew Bentley

Case Study 17-1 The Role of Technology-Mediation in the Context of Adventure Travel
Ulrike Gretzel 





Chapter 18 Sustainability in Adventure Travel and Programming: Maximizing Benefits for Cultural Preservation, Nature Conservation, and Local Residents’ Well-Being 

Kelly S. Bricker and Rosemary Black

Case Study 18-1 The International Ecotourism Society: A Global Industry Network Working Toward Sustainable Tourism 

Ayako Ezaki 

Case Study 18-2 Achieving More Sustainable Adventure Experiences: A Case Study of Trekking with World Expeditions 

             Sue Badyari

              Case Study 18-3 Climate Change and Adventure Travel 

             Heather Zeppel 

              Case Study 18-4 Planeterra and G Adventures 

             Kelly Galaski, Steve English, David Holmes, Adrienne Lee, and Daniel Sendecki 

Case Study 18-5 Park and Community Impacts: Adventure Biking in Haleakala National Park 

             Tina M. Aldrich and Douglas Kennedy





Chapter 19 Adventure Programming and Travel: Transitioning Into the 21st Century with Future Opportunities and Challenges 

Rosemary Black and Kelly S. Bricker 




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