Introduction to Leisure Services 2nd ed - eBook

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ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-95281-543-0

Author(s): Elizabeth H. Barber, Ira G. Shapiro

Copyright year: 2021

Edition: 2nd

pages: 159

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This second edition to Introduction to Leisure Services: Career Perspectives in Recreation Management, Sport Management, and Tourism Management is designed to serve as both a supplemental textbook for college courses in recreation, sport, and tourism management; and a resource book for offices of career services, libraries, and departments of recreation, sport, and tourism management at the college level.  In addition, this second edition is designed to serve as a resource book for counseling centers and libraries at the high school and community college levels.

While once viewed only as a field of service in public and voluntary agencies providing recreation, today’s emerging profession of leisure services is both a major industry as well as an important field of community service, which includes recreation management, sport management, and tourism management.  Once seen only as a “discovery major” in colleges and universities after students enrolled, today’s emerging profession of leisure services is a firmly established, well-recognized, and highly valued major field of study for a large number of very talented, prospective college students preparing for exciting and rewarding careers in recreation, sport, and tourism management.  Welcome to the world of leisure services!

1 Introduction to Leisure Services

2 The Nature and Scope of Recreation Management

3 The Nature and Scope of Sport Management

4 The Nature and Scope of Tourism Management

5 Professional Preparation for Careers in Leisure Services

6 Professional Associations in Leisure Services

7 Placement Services in Leisure Services

8 Staff Directories and Organizational Charts

9 Job Descriptions

10 Salaries of Leisure Service Professionals

11 Profiles of Successful Professionals

12 Trends Shaping the Future of Leisure Services

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